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Costs & deals

Mitsu Hypnosis NY LLC's typical one session goes for 90 minutes to 2 hours.  First of all, I talk to clients before taking them "Subconscious" normally 30 to 40 minutes. This talking is necessary because it is important for the clients to understand mechanism of "Subconscious" and "Hypnosis" before the session and it will enhance the effects of the session at the end and not only that, but also, it is important for me to understand clients' issues, backgrounds, and also energy reading and warming up to touch into deeper layer of their brains of "Subconscious".  

However because of extreme usage of the brain under "Subconscious" (up to 95% of the brain even though in "Conscious"/usual state, only using around 5%), hypnosis sessions shouldn't go over the length of 90 minutes. It must make the clients tired and the results would be the best so I keep it within while watching clients' response.  

That is why I say the typical session goes for 90 to 120 minutes including talking to them before the actual hypnosis session.  It depends on the client the length of the session.  

** All the payments are accepted with Venmo and Zelle without any charge. Credit cards and PayPal take5% of charge.



1. US$275/session (90 to 120 minutes per session)

2. US$990/4 sessions  (90 to 120 minutes session x4)

This is a package deal and in this package, 1 session costs cheaper.  

Benefits are mutual on this package.  My clients' great commitment works effectively and would bring best results when their motivation is higher.  And I can plan sessions when I know that they would come back for more sessions.  


3. US$1,100/ 5 sessions (90 to 120 minutes session x5)

This is a package deal and in this package, 1 session costs only $220.   

3.  1 hour session is available upon clients' requests for some quick and pin-point fix for US$180.00/hour.  

4.  For any other services, please ask the practitioner for the details. 

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