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A necessity to be loved

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Love is always number one topic in our lives. Not just only romantic love but also love we feel everyday and also love we felt and received as a child.

Some of us are not used to the topic of love. However as an active hypnotherapist, I am reminded how important the topic of love in our lives.

I say, humans cannot live without love. Without love, we may feel depressed and we may think of death at the end of the road.

Think about what you want or who you want to be. What is your goal or wish?

For example, losing weight. Why would you want to lose weight? Wouldn’t you look good and get a boyfriend?

Or wouldn’t you want to get attention walking down the street? Either ways, wouldn’t you want get attention from the others and want to be loved or admired by the others?

Want to be successful. What would you get through the success? Receive a lot of attention, receive a lot of respects from others, be famous or be wealthy.

Being respected, noticed or famous. Those look like acquiring love. Even money has the same effects. Money would give you some respects or attention from the others?

Money can buy beautiful dresses, shoes and also expensive brand items and those would make you look beautiful, important and impressive.