About Hypnosis

Why hypnosis is the most effective in all of therapies ?

We live in the world of “Conscious” in our daily life and we only use 5% of our brain in the world. Instead, when we stay in the “Sub-conscious”, we use 95% of our brain. This “sub-conscious” is the emotional state that you are in under hypnosis. Your brain processes information in the speed of 40 bits per second in the “conscious” while 40,000,000 bits per second in the “sub-conscious”, well according to CNN(http://edition.cnn.com/2014/10/07/business/goal-mapping-career-success/index.html)

My practice is based on psychology with my experience as a former psychotherapist. Only difference here in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy is that my clients are in “sub-conscious”(at their maximum usage of brain) or not in the session room.

In hypnotherapy, my clients are extremely smart at their maximum level of all, understanding and making the best choice for themselves.

Your brains never forget. All the memories are stored in your brain though withdrawing the information takes more than 5% of usage of your brain. In hypnosis, it’s possible to withdraw your memory much better than “conscious” because of the reasons.

Also your willingness is the key to the treatment despite the misconception that hypnosis is controlling you, you will only be successful when you are willing to solve your issues.

What Is Subconscious Mind ?

A subconscious mind is human has and hidden behind conscious mind in your normal state. If conscious mind is a size of the planet earth, subconscious mind is like an entire universe; not only in size but also regarding the nature of its mystery and capability, subconscious has more potential.

How can I have subconscious mind ready in order to have an effective hypnotherapy? Your hypnotherapist will lead you to relax and let your subconscious mind come up-front in the treatment sessions. Trust your therapist and let him/her do the job. Once you find a way to get completely relaxed, you would go to the state much more easily from the next time on.

Is Hypnosis Safe ?

Hypnosis is completely safe. Most of people feel deeply relaxed in sessions in the level of they never experienced in the past in such a short time of period. You may feel refreshed as if you had a very good full night sleep. It’s just in movies that hypnosis can make people do what they don’t want to do. Hypnosis cannot make you do or say what you don’t want to do or say. Thus, your willingness and cooperation are the keys to the treatment.

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