Deffense Machanism in you.

Defense mechanism in you. People ask me if there are people naturally get into hypnosis easy or not. If there are people who easily get into hypnosis, those people are open, not skeptical, and don’t have a lot to hide. If you have lots to hide then you may feel difficult to go into hypnosis. This is about defense mechanism. There are defense mechanism in your body and mind. This is a system protects you. In your body, there are immune systems to protect you from diseases like flu. If you have falling objects before you, you would close your eyes, try to dodge it, cover your head and so on. You would take those actions even before you think of doing it. Defense is built into you since your cells started to merge. Defense is in every creature. No creature would put themselves in a risk of their lives. We all believe in the idea that our kinds should go on so we are here to reproduce. Mind has defense mechanism too. Defense protects you from loosing your mind rather than loosing a horrifying memory of yours instead. Creating another personality in you to let him/her deal with something that you don’t want to deal with. Easiest way not to deal with something you wouldn’t like is just faint yourself. You could have a panic attack and urged to carry into an ER, etc. Those are things that we all do to protect ourselves. Avoiding painful things and hardships are our instincts. In my practice, people got courage to overcome their issues then come to me. However we still have a small chance to have less result. I am serving my best quality of work everyday to every client of mine. While I am giving my best, small percentages of people can’t have the ideal result even though most of my clients receive great results. In the cases, the more interfered my clients’ lives, the better chance the clients overcome the issues. For instance, if you have severe phobia and can’t get out of your room, then you are going to be a most motivated client that is trying to overcome the issue and got better chance to succeed. Yes, motivation and willingness are actually keys to success in hypnotherapy!! It would be challenging for me to help my clients if they aren’t willing participants NOT like wise the world tends to think that hypnosis controls people. エミッグ美津 Mitsu Emig MSW (Master of Social Work) of University of Michigan Certified Hypnotherapist IMDHA/International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association ACHE /American Council Of Hypnotist Examiners Kundalini Reiki Level 3 Master Quantum Touch Level 1 Instructor +1-917-488-6175

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