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Definition of weight loss


As I mentioned, I am working on weight loss now. When I eat less, I am more aware of how much work I have to digest.

Then I can’t believe how much food I had to digest in the past when I was constantly overeating.

Since I was a child, I was always large and overeating. I got used to the eating habit so I didn’t think that I was even overeating then.

In 2011, we moved to Singapore due to US visa issue for our adopted children. Those children were my past sister’s and we adopted them around then.

It was my ex-husband’s idea to adopt them when my sister passed. In Japan, my country of origin, adoption is rare so I didn’t naturally come up with the idea on my own.

In Singapore, with my own 18 month old twins, we lived on the 28th floor of the Pent House. It was very nice though only problem was that I was afraid of heights especially there was no child proof on the floor when I had twin toddlers.

I became edgy with 28th floor living and also toddler twins so I decided to try hypnosis for my first time in my life.

I was blown away with the result as a trained therapist so I decided to work on my own issues that I always wanted to fix with this new discovery of hypnosis.

As a matter of fact, I hadn’t exercised for 15 years up to the point and I was large then. However ever since the hypnosis, I started going to gym everyday.

In the new country of Singapore, I didn’t have a job and living with small children, having two living in maids so it was possible.

I had never had ideas of doing something good to me for long time up to the point, good thing doesn’t mean just indulging myself day and night, more like paying attention my own well being.

Ever since hypnosis, I went to gym everyday for yoga and dance for a few hours a day. I don’t think it was co-incidence at all that my behaviors changed.

Often it happens that taking care of self well when people work on themselves in hypnotherapy sessions. It happens to my clients too.

At the time, I was eating less and exercising so I naturally started losing weight.

I was eating less than the past though the amount I was eating at the time wasn’t really ideal. It was still fair amount, I say but it was less than the past in my life.

Before 2011, I was constantly overeating so it made me pretty much slow me down. I was struggling with digestion for long time.

However I didn’t even notice it because the overeating and digestion problem situation had already become so normal for long time.

Heavy digestion because of the overeating habits in daily basis was what I had and it was draining me everyday though I didn’t think it was bad at all.

In aging too that we notice our digestion takes out a lot of energy from us.

Adding to it, I was going through separation and divorce and I take the stress into my digestion all the time.

Do we notice? Only things we put into us are oxygen, drink and food. Nothing else was added to us to generate our own systems.

That is why we should pay attention to what we add to ourselves, including the amount.

Some of my clients want to lose some weight in hypnosis. I tell the same to them. Only exercise doesn’t work in weight loss. We should watch calorie intake and control it too.

As I mentioned yesterday, it is not about hunger we have to fail us in weight loss. My clients say so too that it is not hunger to make us eat. It is not even appetite but we have habitual desire to put something in our mouth.

When was the last time you really felt hungry? In weight loss process as I am in right now, I experience the sense of hunger. However a lot of people may not in daily life.

Of course, we feel hungry when we were children or in our 20’s. I still remember the hunger I had as a child.

Some people tell me that they don’t eat much but they don’t lose weight. I believe that they believe they don’t eat much.

However weight gain happens when the calorie intake is more than consumption. That is we reserve our own excess calorie in ourselves.

Reserving our own excess calorie in ourselves, it is called weight gain or fatter. Our body works for us with its nature that reserving calorie for emergency usage.

It is clever to save the excess for future usage, isn’t it? If it is money, we’d love to do it though we don’t appreciate the occurrence in calorie, do we?

Our body saves calorie for emergency situation such as intake gets reduced or stopped.

In modern society, probably the situation is rare that our food supply is cut though long time ago when we were in nature, of course it happened all the time.

Unfortunately or fortunately, we will never have a chance to use the energy saving of calorie in need in our modern society, won’t we?

We are preparing something in vain in our body everyday. However in other words, we are sure that we should be able to survive for a while if the emergency situation happens, right?

Although we maintain the high calorie intake so we get larger.

If we tell our body that it is emergency that calorie is cut so it should start using the emergency saving and it is called weight loss. Because we start using reserved calorie in us instead of using calorie in our daily calorie intake from food.

I will talk more in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!!

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