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Fruits of the lockdown


The lockdown is prolonging in New York and as I mentioned, I tried to make this lockdown something positive.

First of all, I renewed my website. If you are reading this in my old website, please click here.

I was asking updating and management of the website to my web master in Japan though I wanted to make it simple.

The new website is as the same as the old one, in the sense that it is bilingual of Japanese and English. And click here to go to English blog for columns.

I always wanted to make YouTube video so I finally did. I am not a computer person so it was a little challenge though thanks for the technology, I think it is amazing!

This YouTube channel is also bilingual of Japanese and English and click here to go to English video.

This is fruits of lockdown too because I wouldn't have made it if there was no lockdown.

Go to the channel from here.

I published two books as one in Japan and one in the US. I don't have a ghost writer or anything so I wrote those books.

For English one, I am especially thankful to my editor. Even Japanese one, editing made my writing amazing too.

Thank you so much!

Anyway I wrote my first book when people told me that I should write a book or speak about my practice and methods.

I didn't have a dream to be a writer or publish a book but it just happened within a few months since I started writing a book.

My Japanese publisher, Bungeisha was amazing and I am forever thankful.

After the Japanese book, I started being asked if there was an English book and I started thinking about maybe make E-book or something then.

In the kind of timing, I got a email from a publisher about publishing an English book in the US.

I believe that there is no co-incidence in this world and my book publishing is one of those things, meant to be.