Hello This is Mitsu Emig

Hello This is Mitsu Emig, I am a hypnotherapist practicing in NYC. Visit my website when you are interested in my practice in NYC. If someone asks me what is the best thing I can do to my children then I would answer that I stay in happy. Children learn a lot from the parents if you like it or not. In psychology, mother (now a days, we call more like “primary caregiver” though) is always a lot to do with children’s emotional well-being. If the parents are happy, children would think that simply the life is good. When children are older, parents are older, and then parents are happy, children would think that getting older is happy too. Whatever the mistakes that I make, I care more or less but I believe that I have to be trustworthy. Because everyone makes mistakes and people are trustworthy more or less. I want my children to know that no one is perfect either. We all are not perfect, and make mistakes. If I am still happy and happily getting older, they would learn life is good. No matter what happens, struggles everyday, but if I am still happy, my children would learn that life is good and that is the best truth that I can pass on to my children as their mother.

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