How to be happy

How to be happy– My column is in the Weekly Biz newspaper in this week! Check it out!! Everyone got an issue that keeps you away from your step up or achievements. Most of the times, this kind of negative mind was set by experiences in childhood and it has a great impacts on your emotional wellness in your adult life. We can treat this kind of negativities and emotions and heal them in hypnosis. We usually use only 5% of the our brain in conscious/normal awaken state while we use 95% of our brain in our sub-conscious mind/hypnosis state. Thus our brain shows great deal of comprehensions, judgments and memories in hyposis. In this hypnotic state, you would answer differently to the same questions given in our normal state. We all know ourselves so well. Though 5% of usage of your brain gives you only limited capacity to solve your issues. However in hypnosis, for example, “What is keeping you away from your success?” when you are asked, then you would give me a correct answer that you already knew. Yes, you knew what was keeping you from your success in your sub-conscious state! Difficult emotion control would be very easy for you to operate in hypnosis too! Hypnosis is effective; the fact got a reason to support it. Let’s explore yourself and find true you in this opportunity that you got to know how hypnosis works! You would be amazed with your discovery! Mitsu Emig MSW (Master of Social Work) of University of Michigan Certified Hypnotherapist IMDHA/International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association ACHE /American Council Of Hypnotist Examiners Kundalini Reiki Level 3 Master Quantum Touch Level 1 Instructor +1-917-488-6175 Office: 36 West 25th Street 10th Floor New York NY 1001

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