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How to save the world!


I know that a lot of people believe that they know positive thinking, how important to have the idea or even how to be positive in everyday life.

Is it true? I just hope you truly understand positive thinking rather than just knowing it because only true understanding will lead you to true doing in your life.

For example, I have some psychiatrist clients “knowing” psychology though they can’t solve their own emotional issues on their own and my job is to help them.

Understanding logic and healing process are two very different stages, I say. We understand that loosening muscles relaxes us but we can’t loosen our muscles easy.

Another example is knowing how to swim. You can read it in books how to stroke and everything beforehand and you truly feel like you can swim then what happens to you when you get into the water?

You may feel like I didn’t sign up for it, or I didn’t read what to do when you drink a lot of water in the swimming pool.

I’m a beginner of tennis and it is certainly playing tennis is much harder than we expect. It is not certainly about physical strength or capability at all either.

Those are physical activities so it is easy to understand the logic of knowing and doing are so different from each other.

The way everything works is basically same in any of activities, jobs, or even positive thinking.

Who is watching your stroke or swing in your positive thinking? You could always pretend like you are a positive person. You know what to say to look positive too. It is not so easy for people to know true of yourself.

Sometimes I go to places like children’s school. See their activities and shows at the school. It is singing, dancing, music and etc.

I realized that those songs are about “oppressed”, “fighting” or anything like that. Means that this world is bad so we have to fix or fight through in it.

Being there puts me down so much…. It shocks me that no one teaches children that this world is wonderful and so many wonderful things are happening everyday around us.

Those are not mentioned almost all of times because those are not our focus, in our society.

Everything got good and bad in people, work, or even the entire world. We should pay attention to only positives. I wish we ran more positive news on TV because there are plenty around us. Then we could be all at least more positive.

If you have reasons to pay attention to negatives, you should work on it. If you have strong reasons why you should focus on negatives then I can help you eliminate the reasons in you.

Those children are our next generations and they will form this world anyway in the future. And they are put in a belief that the negativity in this world. Such an unfortunate fact…

Who tells them to look at positives and believe that we are in good hand? And together, we could make the world even better. What is wrong with this concept?

My clients tell me how oppressed they are because of race, gender, or immigration status.

At the end I have to tell them that I’m not naive but there is no benefit at all to believe we are oppressed. Is there?

A lot of people say that they are not successful because they are oppressed or they got bad parents or school or anything.

However those look like excuses that they can hang onto at least for me. There are many people minority or poor or grew up in unfortunate circumstances to become super successful. I believe that they didn’t make any excuses.

A lot of my clients believe that there is no improvement when we are satisfied with themselves.

However we all know praising children will bring more of their capacity and ability. Why not to do the same to ourselves?

We praise ourselves and we would do better. We feel great with ourselves and we can do even better!

We are satisfied with this world and we will make this world better place! Yes!

Way too much fighting spirits in the society but we should realize that we should expect to be stubbed in the back or people simply attack you when you are in battle.

When we say life is a battle, that would be our expectations and will happen to us. I wouldn’t step a foot into the concept at all.. why would I?

I believe that everyone is nice and treat me fairly then my expectations will come to me exactly like that.

Only reason to believe that life is battle is based on defense mechanism. That is based on expectations that we will be hurt. No other reasons.

We expect bad things will happen to us so we will get defensive right? And surely it’s NOT positive thinking, motivation or anything positive.

The world is a good place and we can make it better. Why not? I feel like no one is telling it to next generations and I feel urge to tell it to the world so loudly on my own then. Hope that you understand.

Perception is fixed up to around 10 years old and after that the values will stay in entire life. That’s why it’s so important for children to believe that the world is wonderful!

Everything we live in in this world, can we believe in it? Should we believe in social standard?

I help people who can’t believe the world is wonderful. I help to take care of their negatives in them.

They got reasons why they can’t believe that the world is wonderful. I believe that the world is wonderful whatever others say, whatever challenge happens to me in my own life.

Is it easy for me to do so? The answer is no. However stay in the truth of the world is wonderful keeps me stay in sunny side in my life.

I believe the energy too. We can stay positive and raise our own vibrations in everyday life. And our attitude and high vibrations would raise vibrations of this earth!

The world is wonderful and we love the world or anything in this world. It is about love too.

Love saves the world. I must say it is true. Our positive belief is love and positiveness. Those would raise our energy and vibration on this planet.

That means that this world is getting a better place, right?

Have a wonderful day!!

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