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Meditation Experience for free!


I have an important and very valuable information at the end, please stay in reading! You are going to be benefitted!

It’s been a while since I have been talking about Laws of Attraction or something spiritual. And I am so glad that Laws of Attraction is recognized as science and also quantum physics and spirituality is actually science too.

A while ago, Laws of attraction sounded like very spiritual so as meditation. However I am so glad that meditation is actually positive and not just about Buddhism or anything.

Some people thought that we should eat only salad to meditate or being a vegetarian is a must if you want to go to the path.

Also people thought what vegans would eat? However, a lot of vegan restaurants in this Manhattan NY about me.

I took my children to a vegan restaurant around their school the other day. We were alone because the time was early in the evening. However more and more people came and it was full of the restaurant when we left.

For some reasons, I have tendency to see many more people when I visit somewhere like a store empty. It’s been like this since my younger age but I believe those vegan restaurants are fairly popular.

Anyway, you may not know, the Arnold Schwarzenegger is a vegan for instance so as other Olympic athletes successful in this world.

Arnold is 75 years old and his health is the best in his life including his blood pressure and cholesterol. Those Olympic athletes are saying they do better in veganism.

There is a documentary movie of “Game Changers” produced by James Cameron, who is a director of Terminator, Arnold and also Jackie Chen too. It may change your perception of veganism.

As I mentioned many times in the past, digestion is very important and directly relates to our moods and it is science.

The happy hormone of Serotonin is created 95% in our intestines. That is why it is hard for us to be happy when our digestion is not good. Again it is science.

And as we know, humans cannot digest dairy and also animal protein like meat. That is why those are keeping us away from happiness.

And finally, meditation. We thought meditation was only for hippie in California or somewhere or Buddhists.

However we got to know all the famous and successful people in this world got to say that they meditate so meditation is cool now. Even my children’s school and kindergarten had meditation and yoga there.

And of course, meditation is directly relating to Laws of Attraction!!

And I don’t have to tell you that Laws of Attraction is performed by our own subconscious minds. And of course, hypnotherapy is also subconscious too. That is why hypnotherapy is more effective than traditional therapy.

If you want to know the effect, please check my reviews.

Here and here.

When you put words of Mitsu Emig Reviews or Mitsu Hypnosis Reviews in Google, they will appear too.

Why subconsious is such a big deal right? I can tell you. Subconscious is underneath of conscious and please it is nothing scary. Are you scared of meditation? No, right? Conscious controls thoughts and thinking.

You think hard of something or trying to remember, walking down the street looking for your destination, that is conscious.

On the other hand, subconscious is deeper. It is called auto-pilot too. That is when you walk down the street without thinking of your destination such as you going home.

Aren’t you home without thinking? Or thinking full of other stuff in your head but you can come home right? Yes, subconscious could complete the tasks without conscious minds.

Basic stuff is like breathe. No one to think to breathe in every breathe and put the oxygen into the lungs right? We maintain heart beats or body temperature too.

Doesn’t stress mess your heart beats? You can’t maintain your heart beat comfortable in your stress, yes? Or other things like exhaustion. Doesn’t stress exhaust you? And do you don’t think it is your physical ability right?

Furthermore, perception and values of ours, those are subconscious. Values are completed within 7 or 8 years of our lives.

In science, up to the sexual hormone boosting, we have active “pineal gland”, which is in between of right and left brains, called “third eye” too. It goes inactive when the sexual hormones hit so we lose the abilities like animals have, knowing the earthquake coming or simple energy readings.

In the era of up to 7 or 8 years old, our values are fixed, means that our self images, perceptions of the world and this values will go on to our death.

We know it is not easy for us to fix trauma, fear, anxiety, low self-esteem or inner child issues in the traditional conscious therapy. Because of the reasons above.

Values are fixed in subconscious, long time ago and it is auto-piloting us. That is why.

How do we fix or amend auto-piloting? Yes, we have to go back to the programing of auto-piloting and over-ride them right? That is why conscious therapy has limitations.

That is why we have to deal with our value, inner child, trauma, fear, anxiety and self esteem issues in subconscious therapy such as meditation and hypnotherapy!

That is the reason why I am giving out on-line meditation experience for free!!

Join me if you feel like you don’t go deep in your meditation or you never meditation though you want to explore your possibility!

Actually June 17th in this year in Japan, it is called “Ichiryu-manbaibi”, means a traditional day from the ancient era meaning one rice grain will become 10,000 grains. It is about transformation, wealth and abundance.

And tomorrow, 18th is a lucky day in Japanese calendar called “Taian” and adding to the fact, this Taian is a special one like Super Taian on this day meaning that it will go on harvesting if you start doing something.

I actually go to know the day and meanings in Internet though I was feeling like getting rid of something old, it is called “Danshari” in Buddhism term, letting go of things, feelings or even people.

Then I was cleaning fridge and even freezer because of just the calling I had and actually I don’t buy or read books so much, well, even though I am a published author in Japan and US…but I bought a book on this calling a few days ago.

I was feeling energy shifts then I found those calendar remarks and also things we have to do on this calendar occasions, those are cleaning fridge, bathroom and buy books.

I was stunned. I started cleaning bathroom 4,5 days ago including washing show curtain and everything and cleaning fridge and freezer and finally bought a book. I was just on my own calling in other words, I just felt that way though surely the energy shift was coming.

Furthermore, 21st is the longest day of the year, right? As you may know, there are 4 major energy shifts in an year. One is longest day and two is shortest day and also in the fall and spring, there are days lengths of night and day become same.

Astrologically those are big deals. We want to ride onto this energy shift wave and want to start something new, this is it!

First sessions is held on 6/20/2023, yay, the day before the longest day!! Tuesday at 19:30(EDT)!! It will go on 45 minutes to 1 hour for FREE!!

You can access from any where in this world!

I have experiences of Zoom with Europe, South America, Middle East, Japan and also of course, any parts of US.

This decision was completely on my own calling today so it may be a private sessions if you sign up! And Free!

Never meditated before, no problem! Because you already had your subconscious moments of course, because subconscious mind comes to you randomly and naturally a few times a day when you are so relaxed.

You can change your world in meditation! Yes, your values and perceptions create your own world and reflect anything so changing the values will change your world.

You can email me at or click to join in my site too from this link! Either way, a Zoom link will be sent so please email me or notify me again if the link wasn’t sent!

I changed my life too from being a housewife to a business owner, lost 60 pounds in the process, and depression to happiness! You can do it too!

My ex-husband and I adopted teenagers who were my sister’s children after my sister’s death and I have 2 children, a boy and girl twins on my own.

I actually wrote in a writing class at 8 years old of my age in a very tiny small town in Japan when there was no email or Internet at the time that I will get married to a western man and have boy and girl twins and was laughed lots.

It was long time ago and probably ridiculous but I was so serious. After long time, the writing became true.

I didn’t think of twins or western man in my conscious though it was surely cooking in my subconscious so it became true.

When you are interested in my book, please go to Amazon Japan for Japanese inputting エミッグ美津 and Amazon US for English version inputting Mitsu Emig. There are Kindle available so you can get the Japanese or English book any where in this world!

Japanese       English     

I am looking for meeting you in Zoom!

Have a wonderful day!!

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