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“I want more people smiling in the city of New York, that’s my dream. One person becomes happy and he/she’d give a positive influence around in his/her community such as in the family and office.” Hypnotherapist, Mitsu Emig tells us with smiling. Mitsu started her career as a psychotherapist and expanded her career to a hypnotherapy after obtaining certificate of IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association). What is hypnotherapy? “When you are not happy, often times, your past experience affects you in a negative way. We can’t erase or change negative experiences in the past. However we can all work on how we perceive the events in the past.” “All the therapies and counselings, after all, attempt to change the clients’ perception but not the actual events”, Mitsu says. What is a difference in-between psychotherapy and hypnotherapy? “The root cause of your negative thoughts or behaviors bothering you in the present is often times a tiny incident that you never remember. In the sense, hypnotherapy works on the recipients subconscious, thus recipients would remember such a small incident that they totally don’t remember in their conscious level. Brains remember everything but most of the information is withdrawn in a brain in the depth when people are in conscious. In psychotherapy, practitioners can only approach incidents or events that the clients remember in their conscious level. This fact is the big difference in-between hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.” Mitsu says people tend to use hypnotherapy for weight control and smoking cessation because of the hypnotherapy’s expertise.

“Hypnotherapy can trace the reasons why you over-eat or smoke so it would be much easier then to stop the behavior than when you don’t have a reason why you have unwanted habits of eating or smoking. “ How to treat people in hypnotherapy? Clients’ relaxation in the sessions is the key to provide a best treatment effect on the clients so Mitsu pays attention to it. In the first session, normally Mitsu gives basic knowledge of hypnotherapy to her clients and in the relaxing atmosphere; she gives hypnotherapy to work on mostly relaxation and curving the edge of chief complaint of the clients. From the 2nd session, hypnotherapy goes deeper as approaching past experiences and undoing the cause of triggering unwanted behaviors and thoughts in the clients’ everyday life. “ Introductory rates are available now! With background of a psychotherapist and being a mother of 4, Mitsu says with smile “Everyone has an issue and sometimes easily gets hurt.” Introductory rates are offered now to the end of June 2014. You can experience hypnotherapy sessions as low as $150 per session. Mitsu Hypnosis’ regular rates are $280 per session and in this introductory period; you can try out sessions as many as possible with only $150! Furthermore, if you want to get your feet wet with hypnotherapy, there is a group sessions available for you. Group sessions are available in a small group of 4 people. $40/person for 2-hour session with refreshments served. Mitsu offers sliding scale rates for underserved clienteles. Please inquire for the details. Sessions are offered in English or Japanese. Mitsu Hypnosis NY Mitsu Emig, Certified Hypnotherapist Office location: 36 W 25th 10F NYC (5th & 6th Ave)- Appointments only (Tel) 917-488-6175 (E-mail) (Web) Mitsu Emig • Certificate of Management, Radcliffe College (currently Harvard University) • MSW(Master of Social Work), University of Michigan “Everyone is looking for his/her happiness. It looks so simple to find it but same time a lot of people have no clue how to do it. “ Mitsu makes relaxing atmosphere and smile

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