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No coincidence in the world


I was talking about something strange happened to me yesterday and it reminded me that there is no coincidence in this world.

I renewed my book contract with my Japanese publisher in this July and I had to send them a new contract signed for it.

In this lockdown, my publisher told me that I could send it any time when things are settled down so there was no rush at all.

However yesterday, all of sudden, I wanted to sign on it and can’t explain why. I sometimes feel like I have to do something and do it following the feeling.

Contracts with a Japanese publisher works much more formal, I say. I had to seal the stamp my own name curved in it in Japanese style on the documents in very special Japanese style.

Stamp on two sets of documents’ edges adjacent each other and half of the sealed stamp goes on one document for the counterpart and better half will be on another document of my copy.

Those are special Japanese style so it takes some focus and efforts to complete. I had to give my bank information for the guarantee and I had to write American bank information into a Japanese blank formats.

I procrastinated at all because of the special procedures though suddenly I felt like I would do it on the day for some reasons.

My publisher, Bungeisha is one of the major ones in Japan and they take care of me with kindness. They actually sent me some postal checks for the postage of sending the copies of contracts back to them.

I rarely go to the post office, you know the reason. I go to mail box services when I have to send something.

However this time, I had to go to a post office because I had to use the postal checks that they sent. I looked for a nearby office in map.