I found my life mission maybe before you, which is working as a hypnotherapist, or telling the world how to live happily through my books and speeches. Today I am proudly introducing that I received another 5 star review.

Some of my clients have been coming to me for years. At the beginning, they had a significant issue, however the issue solves very quickly in hypnotherapy.

For example, stuttering can show visible improvement with one session. Something like I want to stop yelling at my girlfriend will solve within a session, I say.

Of course, everyone is different though normally hypnotherapy brings quick effectiveness within only a session or two.

Some of my clients who were impressed with the effectiveness of hypnotherapy would want to fix every problem they have, not only that, they want to change their lives.

They extendedly come back to sessions to change their lives and also they start showing new version of themselves and not only people around them notice the changes, but also they start receiving questions how they changed their lives or they want to talk about it voluntarily to the others.

That is the reason why I get a lot of referrals and it is not rare one family member comes first and end up with whole family members would come to me for sessions.

I treasure the reviews and encourage me to keep working hard. Thank you so much!



Brooklyn, NY



I took her SKYPE session for the first time, and it was no problem. I lay on my bed with my laptop, so it was same as I took her therapy on her couch. I forgot the detail of the ” in the wood” hypno therapy ( visualization), however after that I clearly put some distance from my problem. I guess she did some magic for my subconscious. Also, we saw same visual through an energy work and it was a shock to me. Because, the vision I often see when I close my eyes, she recognized. I would like to have another session when I feel blue, she is an insurance of my heart.


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This effective therapy is performed in the subconscious state and subconsious state is only available when we are relaxed in our body and also mind.

That is why my clients are normally relaxed in hypnosis sessions. This relaxation is very deep and special so they tend to fall into sleep.

Actually you sleep only 10 minutes in hypnosis feels like a few hour deep sleep and you could be totally refreshed.

People like my clients who have issues already got sleepless nights or shallower sleep before coming to the session. Thus they have greater chance to fall into a sleep in the session.

Either they go to deep sleep or drifting in-between sleep and wake. It happens a lot.

That is why memory could be fuzzy in the session for my clients to recall after the session. However in science, our brain preserves all the memories we experienced in our lives.

Although we can’t recall every experience we had in the state of conscious because we simply use only around 5% of our brain.

That is why we can recall all the experience and memory if we really want to in hypnosis. My clients have memory of the sessions in them so it is of course effective as we see too.

I wish I had magic to use on my clients but I am not a witch or anything. However it is true that it takes only a session to solve emotional and behavioral issues that were worked on in prior for years in “Conscious”, which is traditional psychotherapy.

Like I said, my practice is based on psychology so there is no magic here. haha.. I take the review comment as a nicest compliment though…

The truth is that my clients’ brains are at their maximum capacity and potential level in hypnosis and I call the status, a magic, of course. That is why hypnotherapy is such an effective therapy.

Like my review mentioned, there are many ways for me to communicate with my clients including unspoken languages. I share visuals and images that my clients have in them in the sessions.

Not only visuals and images, but also feelings, senses, background stories and so on that I share with my clients and even other people.

It happens I share and recognize visuals, ideas with my clients in the sessions as R.O., the reviewer mentioned.

Messages, ideas, talking or stories come to me without hearing by my ears though they just pop and echoing in my head in precise.

One of those most significant verbal messages that I experienced in the past was from my children’s great-grand mother at her burial last year.

Her hysterical laugh and words in screaming, “Don’t you get it? I am freeeeeeeeee.” It was surely in my head but I didn’t hear it from my ears at all.

That was when her coffin was down and got covered with soil. The sun came out even though it was raining cats and dogs from the morning.

It was “in my face” passionate messages from her as it fits really her personality at all. She wanted to tell us all that there was not sad thing at all but she became free from her worn out body. She was 100 years old when she passed and as an active lady like her must have felt really crippled in the disabled body for a few years.

At her funeral, there was a ribbon dropped before me all of sudden when I became so sad and felt me strange. However the hysterical laugh and scream were undeniable messages to me from her.

So I had to take the messages to her great grand children who are my children then.

I believe that images, ideas, and visuals always came up to me like that long time. However in a few years, I started taking them honestly as they are without prejudice and believing in my abilities.