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Rules for weight loss


It has been stressful in this entire society in the lockdown for a while. As we know, the situation gives all of us to feel irritated or short tempered. It could be exploded with a little incident in this sense.

As I mentioned before, I didn’t want to spend time in this lockdown while I just feel irritated or just long waiting for its finished but I wanted it to be some way meaningful.

Isn’t it? It is the same length of time in this lockdown if irritated or not. Furthermore, I thought it would be wonderful if I could be appreciated with the opportunity of lockdown at the end.

Along the plan, I update my website everyday and upload videos in Youtube too. Another thing that I have been doing is weight loss.

As a matter of fact, I had a major weight loss in 2014 and kept the certain level up to this year. However I wanted to lose a little more and reach to the lowest level again.

Talking about it more, my weight had been always a problem since my childhood in my entire life.

I lost a lot of weight in my 20’s though I was on the inconsiderate diet such as only one meal a day.

With the circumstance, as you easily imagine, I had a major rebound in my 30’s. I was up to size 16 in US size then.

In the weight loss in 2014, I was much more careful and proper. I took protein shake, gained muscles and raised my metabolism so my weight was in the roughly same level in the years.

If you only reduce your calorie consumption, rebound will more likely happen because your metabolism doesn’t go up.

Unfortunately, metabolism surely goes down in aging. You can easily calculate proper calorie intake to maintain your weight depending on your age and body size.

The math doesn’t lie so we will gain weight when we eat more than the proper calorie.

All the actresses are beautiful in younger age though they start gaining weight. Those who are still in shape in later of their lives, they are likely athletes or balle