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Rules for weight loss


It has been stressful in this entire society in the lockdown for a while. As we know, the situation gives all of us to feel irritated or short tempered. It could be exploded with a little incident in this sense.

As I mentioned before, I didn’t want to spend time in this lockdown while I just feel irritated or just long waiting for its finished but I wanted it to be some way meaningful.

Isn’t it? It is the same length of time in this lockdown if irritated or not. Furthermore, I thought it would be wonderful if I could be appreciated with the opportunity of lockdown at the end.

Along the plan, I update my website everyday and upload videos in Youtube too. Another thing that I have been doing is weight loss.

As a matter of fact, I had a major weight loss in 2014 and kept the certain level up to this year. However I wanted to lose a little more and reach to the lowest level again.

Talking about it more, my weight had been always a problem since my childhood in my entire life.

I lost a lot of weight in my 20’s though I was on the inconsiderate diet such as only one meal a day.

With the circumstance, as you easily imagine, I had a major rebound in my 30’s. I was up to size 16 in US size then.

In the weight loss in 2014, I was much more careful and proper. I took protein shake, gained muscles and raised my metabolism so my weight was in the roughly same level in the years.

If you only reduce your calorie consumption, rebound will more likely happen because your metabolism doesn’t go up.

Unfortunately, metabolism surely goes down in aging. You can easily calculate proper calorie intake to maintain your weight depending on your age and body size.

The math doesn’t lie so we will gain weight when we eat more than the proper calorie.

All the actresses are beautiful in younger age though they start gaining weight. Those who are still in shape in later of their lives, they are likely athletes or ballerina as a young woman.

I can see that maintaining muscles in the body helps keep higher metabolism. Otherwise we start gaining weight.

It is a part of aging process in muscle loss lowers metabolism.

Not to mention it though unfortunately I am no athlete or don’t even like excising. And I have genes giving me higher cholesterol so I have to watch my weight anyway.

In these days, I wanted to reset my diet and lose a little weight and restart healthy diet though I just didn’t have a chance.

Then there we had the lockdown. I felt like I was supposed to use this chance as it was meant to be, reset my body.

It is much easier for us to manage our diet when we are around home, isn’t it?

Probably I have lost 12 pounds more or less since May. I had to go to my physician the other day once in a while and she told me that she couldn’t recognize me. It wasn’t just mask covered my face, I think.

It wasn’t the huge weight loss though probably I looked different.

At the beginning, I just started watching my calorie intake. However our bodies just want to maintain whatever the level we are in, so my weight didn’t come down for at least a few weeks, well, in my age…

After the patient period, it started losing it. And I started taking protein shake, then weight stayed same level for probably 10 days.

We have to know that muscles are heavier than fat so weight temporarily maintains in gaining muscles.

Then, started losing again this time rapidly. Watching the calorie doesn’t cheat on me at all and I started having fun. I understood that it was about control.

I hear from eating disorder clients too that we have joy of control when we start losing weight as we plan.

As we all feel, there are lots of things that we can’t control or we don’t have control over in this world. In the circumstance, we can control our bodies like this.

We could be hooked with the feelings of control.

As a matter of fact, in psychology, control is always an issue for all of us. Especially when we have controlling person in our lives as our primary care givers, we may develop strong desire to have control over something.

I understand the theory. Everyone wants control ideally full control would be pretty amazing but, probably impossible.

In reality, someone who is in care giver position controls your life, such as having a mother as a manager when you are in the show business, you may be at a risk.

Especially in show business, models and actresses, not only they can enjoy taking control over their own bodies, but also they have many compliments in losing weight by people at their work places so they could be hooked even better.

Unexpectedly I am talking about weight loss though probably a lot of people are interested. And I am reminded that everything is relating to psychology and mental aspects in this weight loss too.

In the weight loss, I don’t think that my “appetite” is a problem. I cut my calorie intake though I am surviving beautifully, I say.

That means that my excessive calorie intake in the past wasn’t really appetite, was it? It was more like I wanted to put something in my mouth.

I had same impression and theory in my mind when I had weight loss in 2014 too.

I ran into hypnotherapy in 2012 and naturally started losing weight. I will talk about more in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!!

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