Secrets of Hypnotherapy


We are having better winter without severe coldness or snow in New York City in this winter.

I hope that everyone is having easier time in this world at this moment.

I want to talk about basic ideas of hypnotherapy today because I find day by day that hypnosis is such a mysterious and unknown topic for ordinary people.

Because of the odd sounding word of hypnosis, people use more and more “subconscious” instead. However subconscious and hypnosis are almost identical in scientific point of views.

In successfully performed hypnosis, people should be in the state of subconscious. Subconscious is out of ordinary state that humans get on. Of course, if the subconscious was the ordinary state, it should be called “conscious” then.

The extra ordinary state called subconscious that it visits us actually a few times a day randomly in daily basis.

Probably you are using the random subconscious when you got great ideas or realizations in your life.

If you want to make randomly visiting subconscious happen to you on purpose or whenever you want, you would need some efforts. It is called “induction”.

Induction is a process to lead the being to the subconscious state and it takes only body and mind relaxation in my opinion.

I hear a lot of successful people meditate in daily basis. It depends on how deep you can go though meditation is very similar to being in subconscious state.

When you are used to meditated state, you could come up with great ideas in the meditation because not only you may be using subconscious then, but also you could get onto subconscious state even easier or more frequently within random occurrence of subconscious to you in daily basis.

Or/and, familiarity to subconscious state will bring you deeper subconscious state or/and mastering the best effect usage skills of subconscious should be possible in the situation.

And induced subconscious state is called “hypnosis”, as a matter of fact. When we make subconscious state happens to us without random occurring and stay there for a while for a purpose is called hypnosis or hypnotized state.

Thus random occurring subconscious state and hypnotized state are almost identical. In function too that we can use up to 95% of our brain in the subconscious instead of 5% we normally do in our conscious. Our brain operating speed will be 1,000,000 times faster in “subconscious” than “conscious”.

Subconscious is very powerful with high functioned brain too. Thus being in subconscious state may consume extra energy and it may make you tired when you use subconscious state excessively.

Thus being in subconscious state too long would be hard to do such as being in meditated state too long. A lot of concentration and focus will be required if you try to stay in the special states.

The situation was different when I was performing therapy in the conscious level as a psychotherapist in the past. In my hypnotherapy practice now, no clients come to therapy every week for years at all or it is surprising for my clients to find themselves without tremendous relief from the first session.

In my practice now, 9 out of 10 clients experience significant and positive mood changes in first session.

In both of my practice, I perform based on psychology though in hypnotherapy, my clients’ brains are superb in the circumstance so hypnotherapy is much more effective than the other.

Everyone knows that it is important to have high self esteem though how do we achieve the goal to have and keep our highest self esteem?

You may want to understand high self esteem in conscious, within the brain usage of 5%? Or in subconscious up to 95% of brain usage and 1,000,000 times faster brain activity speed comes with it?

The situation is the same when we heal ourselves. In healing process, we need to truly understand that danger is gone so as hardship is done. Do you really think that we understand it easily?

Maybe not. PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a hard example. People who suffer from the disorder can’t get rid of the fear of risking their lives.

They still believe that their lives are some how still in danger. That is why they get startled with loud noise or some signs and feelings reminding them traumatic events in the past.

When it happens, they get sweat and go into the terrified state. However, in the conscious level, they think that they understand they are already out of danger. They think that they understand that they are out of danger or war zones.

If they truly understood that the danger was gone in the subconscious level, they wouldn’t have been having symptoms and episodes of PTSD.

That is a hard example though in smaller ranges, we have events and incidents that were embarrassing or terrified in the past sitting in us to bother us in daily life.

Those mainly negative feelings are there in our minds as we freshly felt on the day it occurred years ago and called “inner child” in psychological term.

Everyone has it, inner child, I say and the healing process of inner child in subconscious level is very speedy in comparison with conscious level therapy and also effects are amazing.

I am going to introduce some techniques in hypnotherapy today.

① Direct suggestion

Direct suggestion is very distinguish in hypnotherapy. We take advantage of our extreme high functioned brain in hypnosis.

For example, suggestions are typically spoken in hypnotherapy such as “stop over-eating” or ” feeling wonderful about yourself.”.

I develop this method and use it with forest sounds or something pleasant. With breathing techniques and suggestion of mood getting better and better are spoken in timely manner in the process.

For example, inhaling clean and crisp air into the lungs and the oxygen will activate every cell in your body. You could feel like literally your body is energized in the process.

This method is effective in the first session or for cancer patients or even physically disables such as mild deaf under circumstance of suffering from side effects of strokes.

I can simply suggest how wonderful the air you are breathing in or how amazingly you can feel in the forest. And the effects are amazing.

This is good for people who can’t understand languages so well. I can speak and understand only Japanese and English so this therapy overcomes language barriers, I say, because of simplicity.

We have some knowledge of variations of direct suggestion as self suggestions such as we may say that we are wonderful every morning in front of the mirror. We can read the kind of psychological effects in some magazines.

Clearly this self suggestion is relating to subconscious effects working on our self esteem. As subconscious state visits us a few times a day, we may take the words into us when timing is right at the subconscious that we happen to have. It is true.

We may have a chance that self talking to raise our self esteem when the timing works out and hit the jack pot of subconscious visit.

②Trauma Therapy

Within hypnotherapy or not, there is trauma therapy. One of the well known therapy is EMDR(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).

I actually had the therapy far before I ran into hypnotherapy when I wasn’t satisfied with traditional psychotherapy that I had around my Master degree program.

I was understanding the limitations of psychotherapy performed, of course in the conscious level so I was looking for some alternatives.

We actually don’t understand why though our eye balls move right to left when our brain activity is high in our sleep that we found.

We paid attention to the fact so we simply receive stimulations on right and left instead in order to have high brain activity in the effects.

I believe that pendulum is used for hypnosis induction for t