Self hypnosis and self maintenance


In the last column, I was explaining what hypnosis is. If you read it, you would have understood how highly hypnosis is misunderstood. Hypnosis is not such a dramatic thing. It feels like very deep meditation for most of people including me.

Hypnosis is an induced subconscious state, which is a natural state and almost everyone has access to. It doesn’t matter if you are laying or wide awaken, the subconscious visits you whenever you invite it or randomly.

In the random part, we are stepping into the subconscious a few times a day. That means that your brain and you have already known how to get onto the state.

That is why, my part here is to help my clients get onto the state. It is called “induction” and it only takes body and mind relaxation. Technically, anyone can hypnotize anyone even you can hypnotize yourself. I do self hypnosis a lot.

The questions here are, in the subconscious, means in hypnosis, what you want to do and accomplish for yourself. If you look for a professional’s help to work on yourself, I would recommend the one with psychological backgrounds.

In my practice, I use hypnosis just because my clients’ brains are amazing in the state so the therapy is exceptionally effective. I ask right questions at the right timing in the therapy to give my clients chance of healing as in other therapies.

At the highest ability and functioning of your brain, we can work on yourself. Changing the negative thoughts to positive, find a way to motivate you to accomplish more. That is how wonderful hypnosis works.

In extend, hypnosis can bring back memories far back in the past in the present life and also past lives in my experience. Anything is possible if you believe in, that is called potential of yours. A lot is possible in subconscious state.

A lot of my clients come to me after many attempts to change their lives in many forms of therapies. I say that they are in a journey to regain themselves and reached out to me.

Some people told me that they appreciate my energy and it affects their energy to feel them better.

Heavy repeaters in my clients feel like accessing their subconscious state with just seeing me. I think it is reasonable because I am a heavy subconscious user too.

We have our own potential in us and subconscious is one of the amazing ones and resources are there, some of us are using the resources fully.

It is true that even after hypnosis sessions, the clients’ subconscious state is still active so I tell my clients to relax and enjoy the day.

By all means, in and out of subconscious and hypnosis are very easy and you can enjoy both states when you get used to them.

I take no time to go into my own subconscious. I don’t even have to close my eyes to get onto it.

I believe that I was born as a healer. I was surprised when people were so open to me. In my practice, some people come into the session room crying and ready to talk about their problems. Energy and aura, whatever they are called, it can do a lot to people.

That is why we want to keep our energy the best. Good energy attracts good energy because they have same type of frequency, means vibrations in precise.

To keep your energy good, healing, cleansing or whatever called, keep your house, means your energy clean is important.

I am telling you a method of self maintenance in subconscious level today.

①Lay down and start breathing easily. To make sure, you start listening to your own breaths. In this process, you are supposed to feel relaxed in the physiological response.

②Going into body relaxation. To do this, first, relax your face. Face has many nerves and muscles because we have facial expressions. It is very effective to relax your face first.

③When your face is relaxed, I want you to be aware of connections with your face and body. Your facial nerves and muscles are connecting to body muscles and nerves. Of course it is true and awareness is important.

It is effective if you feel like floating in the water and dreaming. If you feel like being a piece of seaweed in the ocean, it would be a lot of tension release from your body.

④Mind relaxation requires only counting numbers backwards. I ask my clients to count the number from 20 to 0 very slowly and you are going to reach the subconscious state when you count 0.

It is easy does it. Subconscious power is yours in this process.

⑤In the subconscious, I want you to go to your favorite place, forest, beach or even heaven. The place that feels you so safe and comfortable but alone. I want you to have a visual actually being there.