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Subconsciously choosing what to listen to


I have been talking about religions, sin and punishment in this week. If you want me to talk about some specific topic, please let me know.

I believe that I have something to say whatever the topic is and I appreciate the inputs from others in my everyday life too.

Sin, guilt and punishment, those are very important topics in our lives.

And religions are sometimes relating to the topic and impacting our lives so much.

I say this again that I am not blaming religion at all. I am talking about more of the interpretation of religions here.

In our society, some religious people are isolated themselves and live in authentic ways even in this modern society.

Amish is famous in the US.

However most of us live in the modern society with some religious backgrounds and those of us have our own interpretations of religion to adapt our lives into the modern life styles.

Furthermore, it is not just about religions.

Whatever the topics or theories including religions. We actually only listen to what we want to listen to and take those into us.

It is entirely up to us which information we listen and take into us amongst all the abundance of information we have in this modern society.

In my experience in my practice, I talk about a lot of things to my clients. However some of the clients only take into something they madly believed into.

In other words, they already had answers in them and they were waiting for some assurance to back their believes up.

At least, they are choosing what to listen in their subconscious level.

I say many positive comments to my clients. However I say only once that they should change whatever the point of theirs then they may take those words in and feel pretty negative about themselves.

For example, American born jihads, right? They sometimes are not so much into Islam anyway though they are rather very very angry and seem waiting for an opportunity to let their anger into some kind of explosion.

Probably it doesn’t matter if it was Islam or church of Christianity.

Yes, they wanted to express their anger in an obvious way and finally they heard something that they wanted to hear to explode.

Attack someone or society itself. In the sense, the religion or messages from it are just a catalyst.

We have abundance of information in this modern society. However we are always listening to something we want to listen to.

As laws of attraction says, we hear the same words or phrases sometimes multiple times in a certain period.

Then I say that we might have had those words already in us, at least in our subconscious level.

To make a decision in our conscious level, we need to hear the sign to push ourselves to the next stage.

Of course, those are no coincidence. Information that we were meant to hear because the information was already in ourselves.

That is why it is going to be tricky if we have some negative images of ourselves in us.

Sin and guilt would be very easily and happily to jump onto you if negative self image was the case for you.

Negative self images feel like that we are not good or even bad people, then we may take the concept of punishments from a religion in the sense.

If that is the case, we may chose to focus on sin, guilt and punishment on ourselves in our everyday life.

When we feel like bad person, we believe that we are supposed to be punished.

I am not sure that punishment originally came from religious belief though punishment is one of the established concept in our society.

Anyway there is the way of thinking that we may be punished when we feel like a bad person.

At least, it would be hard for us to believe that only good things will happen to us.

We may be afraid of punishment coming towards us in our everyday life every second.

When something bad happens to us, we are confirmed our own believes that nothing good will happen to us.

Of course, when we expect punishment, there is no surprise it really happens to us.

If this kind of believes and confirmation repeat, our concept of punishment is not only firm but also will become an undeniable belief too.

Then in laws of attraction, we are not going to have amazing events in our lives.

And when something good actually happens to us, we are not going to enjoy the event as much as we are supposed to enjoy.

I will talk about this more in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!!

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