Success Hypnosis

Success Hypnosis Not only I treat people with daily issues, but also I help successful people to be even more successful and achieved. Sessions go as below. In the 1st session, I focus on possible obstacles that keeping you away from higher success and achievements. It might be emotions and often times it comes with body sensations in you. Once we could identify them, we shift the focus on why you got the emotion and where it came from. Most of the times, we will know it. Then we treat the reasons caused your unwanted emotions that interfere your higher success. Most of the times, it’s about childhood experience, and it may not be even traumatic for itself though it impacted your life to cause the issue in your present. Then we heal the past situation and the smaller version of you, then your well-being would be improved amazingly in your everyday life in the present tense. Hypnotherapy is the only therapy that can work on past events most effectively. Because your brain is in much better conditions in “Sub-conscious”, the emotional state when you are hypnotized. In “Sub-conscious”, you are using 95% of your brain instead of 5% in your “Conscious”. Yes, you are normally using only 5% of your brain because we all live in “Conscious” world. I tried my best in “Conscious” as a psychotherapist though the results never satisfied me. Now with using hypnosis, I access my clients’ 95% of brain usage in my sessions. That’s why hypnotherapy works! I love asking same questions to my clients when in “Conscious” and “Sub-conscious”. They give me different answers when in hypnosis or not. We all know ourselves much better than we believe and actually your brain never forgets anything so all the memory since your life happens is in your brain. However in “Conscious”, you can’t access them all because you are only using 5% of your brain while you can easily access them when you are in “Sub-conscious” because you are using 95% of your brain in the state. How amazing hypnotherapy is! I hope that you take advantage and explore to know what you really know about yourself!

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