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The feeling of dissatisfaction


Do you live happily everyday? If you could say yes! to the question, I am very happy for you.

In my experience, vast majority says, “maybe”, “I don’t know.” or simply can’t answer to the question.

Some people ask me what happiness is, or they say ” I think I should be happy because I have my family but I don’t know…”.

What is your answer?

If the answer is yes, congratulations! Then I should ask you why you are happy. What is your answer to this question?

Some may say that I just got married, I got a boyfriend who loves me or I just got a baby. Something like that?

If your answer was no, what is the reason for it? Maybe, you don’t have a boyfriend, you don’t like your job, or you can’t get a right guy?

If your answer was “I don’t know if I am happy.”, you may come from the place that you are supposed to be happy because of what you got though you don’t feel that way.

Nothing significant happens but not feeling happy. Then we are supposed to consider the reason for it.

Did you notice something significant in this conversations?

If you notice, you may be living happily everyday or you have deep thoughts of happiness or other concepts.

What is the strong belief running through in this conversation here? That is a belief that environment or conditions around people make them happy or unhappy.

In our society, this concept is a strong belief. Money, marriage, or children, those conditions and environments can make us happy or not.

I ran into a scene on TV that President Nixon in the 70’s making a speech. “We have twice increase of economy, twice income. That means that we are twice more happy.” He was saying something like that.

Even the president of the US publicly spoke that the more income, the more happiness.

The US and even other countries’ economy is expanded in those years. The US is one of the richest countries in the world.

In the theory, people should be happier now than before. Is it true?

In the theory, people in developing countries should be unhappy or less happy than us. Is it true? I believe that we can’t say for sure that they are not happy because they are not rich.

In my opinion, equally, there are unhappy people in wealth and poor.

In my professional opinion, people have the same kind of reasons why they get depressed or unhappy with regardless their wealth or not.

In fact, most of people have experience of having psychotherapy in their lives growing up in middle class or upper middle class.

Those peole tend to have less confidence in therapy already in general. Their expectation to any type of therapy is already and relatively low, I can say because of their own experience.

Again, I must say that unhappiness doesn’t discriminate against the wealth or poor.

Normally people try to understand the reasons why when they are not happy because everyone wants to be happy in this world regardlessly.

Any problem that we have, we believe that we can solve it when we have the reason why the problem occurs. Then we definitely want a reason or two.