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Trauma and health


In Asia, in this season, we enjoy the beautiful moon. In New York City, we have hot and cold days instead and one day all of sudden, we realize that we are in deep fall as usual in this season.

It was Fall Equinox on the other day. On the day, we had same length of day and night and this event is taken significantly for some people working in the energy healing industry.

In the industry, this Fall Equinox, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Winter Solstice are known as energy shift phases in a year.

As I wrote sometimes, we know the moon phases affect our lives and life cycles.

The moon repeats Full and New within monthly cycle. Full Moon is a completion and New Moon is a beginning.

If the moon phase of beginnings and endings are the smaller energy shift phases, those 4 times of Equinox and Solstice are the bigger energy shifts phases that I say.

Of course, as we know, the energy shift phases are taken seriously based on our science too and relating to the universal laws and laws of attractions too.

When this energy shift phase happens along with our personal energy shift phase, we may call it ascension, which we know as upgrading of our own soul and energy too.

If it is the case, you may have deep thoughts for days or weeks or your body may experience some discomforts along with it.

In the sense, we understand better the fact there are people who feel under the weather in this seasonal occasions of Solstices and Equinox.

I hope that you are having great energy shifts and become even more wonderful beings in this season.

Although I talked a lot about relations in-between mind and body, I want to write again.

We all know that our body and mind are deeply related each other. We have known the fact for awhile though I deepened my knowledge of it as I work as a practitioner in the field.

In stress, we feel more tired or going through some physical discomfort. As we know about our energy or high vibrations, stress and physical conditions are relating to our energy level.

They are getting familiar of the terminology of high vibrations and low vibrations regarding our energy quality. Those are about our energy quality and level too.

As I sometimes mention, energy is vibrations of our own micro level of cells in us. We have 40 trillion cells in us and each one of them is vibrating and proves the life.

This vibrations are released from us are called energy.

When the energy is vibrations of our micro cells, energy should be affected with our feelings, how to walk, what to eat, who to talk to, or even our entire environments that we are in, of course.

Furthermore, we know that all of diseases including cancer’s cause is relating to stress too.

In the past, people laughed when stress caused a disease though now we progressed our standard to the deeper level. I am glad that we take stress more seriously now than the past.

Of course I can’t say it flat about all the diseases though probably our emotions affect a lot of cause of the diseases such as guilt or blame if the disease is to destroy us at the end.

I have some clients with terminal illness. They want to have treatment of hypnotherapy for their physical pain or stress from having the disease. A lot of them have strong trauma in their lives.

Of course, a lot of people have trauma. In the other words, almost all of us have trauma.

Trauma is events or thoughts to negatively impact on our lives. Thus you have trauma when you have some events that you don’t want to recall in your past. I know that most of us have something we don’t want to think of from the past.

Of course, not only trauma causes diseases. There are other factors of genetic or environmental to case diseases, I say.

Anyway we don’t deny correlation in-between stress and diseases now. And stress is most of the time relating to trauma from the past so trauma and diseases are related too.

Furthermore, physical pain is very likely relating to emotions even though the source of the pain was medical condition.

We know the effects of a kiss from mommy when a child fell and cried. The child suffers from the pain though the kiss of mommy definitely lower the intensity of the pain.

Yes, pain could relate to the feelings of you can’t get out of it, or even powerlessness that you feel when you have the pain. Complex emotions and feelings in us as intelligent animals can make us feel even stronger pain on us in the effect.

In reality, working on some loss and grief issues in hypnotherapy lost someone’s cane at the end of the session. Emotions are relating to pain, yes.

Not only the disease but also for example, your posture of walking down the street looking down all the time. Feeling down without confidence could cause some pain in your back or neck.

You may laugh if I say that you got a back pain because of your own lack of confidence. However you may understand it better when we break down the cause step by step like this.

For example, you may stress your throat when you repeatedly hold onto the ideas that you want to speak out. Some people start feeling of discomfort on their throat then.

I have clients who have thyroid problems. Thyroid relates our emotional life a lot so naturally some of my clients may have emotional issues and thyroid problems together.

When my clients feel better, they may feel easier to speak out. Then they may have some effects on their thyroid as it got smaller in comparison of the past.

Some clients have coughing in sessions when they want to say something they normally don’t say. Or rarely though even feeling sick or throw up when they want to let some bad energy out of them.

I am glad that I heard some changes in my clients not only in their emotional life but also some of the physical and medical reports too.

Some clients report positive changes in them not only emotional but also physical too as I mentioned. One of the common change is about digestion.

Digestion is broadly known affected by stress. Some of my clients didn’t even notice their digestion was not good when the situation became so usual.

Yes, I remember about myself. I lost 50 pounds since I ran into hypnotherapy and I was eating twice or three times even before then.

I was constantly putting into the amount of food that I couldn’t digest in those days. Then my digestion took so much energy out of me. It caused chronic fatigue of mine in the past.

Of course, I ate too much because of my negativity in me. My own negativity triggered my negative feelings and stress in me then I ate too much to relief the stress.

It is a temporary relief though our tension is relieved when we eat because we physiologically focus on digesting. We feel energy is raised because our blood sugar goes up too.

We know the effects and temporary satistaction of eating so we eat when we have stress.

When we have more stress, we must eat even more and more. The life style goes on to have temporary relief from eating in the stressful life unless we take care of our own negativity making us eat too much at the first place.

And finally the eating habit itself becomes a major problem. Not only troubling our digestive systems but also our weight management too.

A lot of people come to me when they want to manage their weight. People know that the kind of strong urge such as eating habit should be taken care of powerful hypnotherapy.

In the treatment, we could take eating away from you in hypnosis. However you may pick up another solution to relief your stress when the eating is taken away from you.

A lot of people go for smoking or drinking. This situation is vice versa. Some go for eating when they stop smoking. Some go for shopping dependency, nail biting or getting angry and yelling at others.

It is about stress and negativity, they make you do something you love to do a lot to have a temporary relief. Then the temporary relief such as eating or drinking would be a major problem soon.

Blame is on negativity. We should take care of the negativity in hypnotherapy not just the problematic behaviors. That is my method in hypnotherapy.

My hypnotherapy takes care of your negativity/negative energy. Then you wouldn’t need to relief your stress or negativity at the end.

The problematic behaviors such as over-eating is not going to be needed when you have no negativity in you so you would start losing weight naturally step by step.

Such as other problematic bebaviors of gambling or over-drinking wouldn’t be there either.

My hypnotherapy doesn’t change only outside but inside change is even more significant. You can only see my change on my outside in photos though I wish I could show my change inside me.

Working on inner self and gain inner peace in you then you wouldn’t hurt yourself by over-eating or any other problematic behaviors.

Inner beauty and peace would make you look good outside.

Have a try! I am offering Skype and in-person sessions!

Have a wonderful day!

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