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Trauma and health


In Asia, in this season, we enjoy the beautiful moon. In New York City, we have hot and cold days instead and one day all of sudden, we realize that we are in deep fall as usual in this season.

It was Fall Equinox on the other day. On the day, we had same length of day and night and this event is taken significantly for some people working in the energy healing industry.

In the industry, this Fall Equinox, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, and Winter Solstice are known as energy shift phases in a year.

As I wrote sometimes, we know the moon phases affect our lives and life cycles.

The moon repeats Full and New within monthly cycle. Full Moon is a completion and New Moon is a beginning.

If the moon phase of beginnings and endings are the smaller energy shift phases, those 4 times of Equinox and Solstice are the bigger energy shifts phases that I say.

Of course, as we know, the energy shift phases are taken seriously based on our science too and relating to the universal laws and laws of attractions too.

When this energy shift phase happens along with our personal energy shift phase, we may call it ascension, which we know as upgrading of our own soul and energy too.

If it is the case, you may have deep thoughts for days or weeks or your body may experience some discomforts along with it.

In the sense, we understand better the fact there are people who feel under the weather in this seasonal occasions of Solstices and Equinox.

I hope that you are having great energy shifts and become even more wonderful beings in this season.

Although I talked a lot about relations in-between mind and body, I want to write again.

We all know that our body and mind are deeply related each other. We have known the fact for awhile though I deepened my knowledge of it as I work as a practitioner in the field.

In stress, we feel more tired or going through some physical discomfort. As we know about our energy or high vibrations, stress and physical conditions are relating to our energy level.

They are getting familiar of the terminology of high vibrations and low vibrations regarding our energy quality. Those are about our energy quality and level too.

As I sometimes mention, energy is vibrations of our own micro level of cells in us. We have 40 trillion cells in us and each one of them is vibrating and proves the life.

This vibrations are released from us are called energy.

When the energy is vibrations of our micro cells, energy should be affected with our feelings, how to walk, what to eat, who to talk to, or even our entire environments that we are in, of course.

Furthermore, we know that all of diseases including cancer’s cause is relating to stress too.

In the past, people laughed when stress caused a disease though now we progressed our standard to the deeper level. I am glad that we take stress more seriously now than the past.

Of course I can’t say it flat about all the diseases though probably our emotions affect a lot of cause of the diseases such as guilt or blame if the disease is to destroy us at the end.

I have some clients with terminal illness. They want to have treatment of hypnotherapy for their physical pain or stress from having the disease. A lot of them have strong trauma in their lives.