Treat yourself as you treat someone you love most.

Treat yourself as you treat someone you love most. It’s a common sense for you to treat the best people you love most. If you have a child, you wish his/her happiness everyday and adore and raise them. Would you do the same way when you treat yourself? “You feel difficult to be positive about yourself.” “I don’t like myself about …..” Do you usually feel that way? We all in some cultures to be harsh on ourselves. Sometimes it’s not so easy for you to accept yourself and love yourself. Why don’t we start treating ourselves in the way of you treat your loved ones? For instance, overeating. Consuming excessive amount of food into you and abuse your digestive systems. Yes, the behavior is a kind of abuse. Neglecting yourself without exercise, unable to stop smoking with knowing it’s bad for your health, habitually blame yourself and etc. Would you do the kind of things to your loved ones? If you recognize yourself is as important as your loved ones, you wouldn’t treat yourself in the way with abusive behaviors. In hypnosis, your brain becomes extremely active. Thus we can together improve the issues like this relating to your everyday life.

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