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Don't have to be Mark Zuckerberg


Yesterday, probably at the Instagram, I saw a post quoting Mark Zuckerberg’s words. As we know, he is the CEO of Facebook.

By the way, my instagram is updated often enough. Click here if you are interested.

Mr. Zuckerberg said, “ I am asking myself everyday if I am doing the most important thing amongst all of things I can do.”

He continued, it is a problem if he thinks that his work is not important anyway in his life.

The topic of life purpose or mission is one of those topics I feel very important in my life as it comes up often in sessions with my clients.

I hear people say that they can’t find a purpose to fill in their lives and they feel like they just go on everyday without the purpose.

I see people who have something important to do though they procrastinate it for years too.

For example, there is a place that never want to touch in the household even though there is so much junk there, trying to give sweet and nice words to the partner though can’t do it, been wanting for years to contact the ex-partner because can’t get them from your mind but end up without contact everyday.

Or been wanting to publish a book for years though never contacted publishers at all.

Actually I published books in the US and Japan and got contacted by some people that they had been wanting publishing for years when I published my first book.

I had never known because they never told me but some people got a dream of publishing in their entire lives.

I simply told them to contact publishers.

I found my publisher for my first book in Japan in a few month since I started writing from the first line of my very first book.

About US publishing, I was just thinking to pay to publish in the US with Kindle or something because people asked me about my publications of English language.

Then all of sudden, one day, I received email from a publisher and they asked me if I would be interested in publishing English book in the US.

The truth is that I never had a hard time to find a publisher in my life. I am not saying this lightly. please don’t get me wrong. It is true that I always found publishers easy for my publishings.

As I always say, it becomes a truth if you believe that publishing would be hard so publishing a book would be hard in your reality.

However if you don’t believe that publishing is hard, it wouldn’t be hard. That is my case. My publishing wasn’t hard at all.

If you were Mark Zuckerberg, there would be many things that you can do a day. For example, you can go out and buy everything you like on 5th Avenue in New York City, you can do that.

It came up to me first because I can’t do it at all.

You can send food to suffering famine in Africa, you can do that.

You can spend high quality time with your family as you give sweet and kind words to your wife. To your child, you can be very kind and loving not just saying that you love them.

If you were the Mark, you can do many things a day so it is important for you to focus on “the most important thing to do”.

The most important means for the Mark along his agenda. So it is all about what he focuses on in the day.

There are many things going on, I guess, so decision on what’s the most important would be crucial too.

Ordinary person like us, we think that we go to work and fill the routine of the work, don’t we?

Then, the most important thing includes how to proceed too. Doesn’t it?

For example, you want to keep your work load as little as possible and let your co-workers work more than you do. Keep your own time without being bothered with the excess work load.

Your logic could be, it doesn’t matter how hard you work but the pay would be the same? Make sense, doesn’t it?

If you were the Mark, your day wouldn’t work that way. There is no way for you to think to lessen the work load and try to get paid.

The fact actually relates to his quote that it would be a problem if his work wasn’t important… For him, there is no way to get an unimportant job to get paid.

Furthermore, then there is no way for him not to think how productive he wants to be or how to proceed it.

He clearly says that he changes the world so it makes sense for him to think how to proceed in the sense and focus on productivity too.

We can say simply that we are not Mark Zuckerberg… Of course not. I am not Mark Zuckerberg either.

There was interesting conversation with my children at dinner time today. Somehow I told my kids that I am working hard here to change the world.

I told them that I was sent here to change the world. If you want to laugh, laugh but I am serious, I clearly said that.

My kids didn’t find my comments funny though some people laugh so I mentioned.

However it is true that I change the world everyday. It is not about only my clients who appreciate my services and changed their lives.

It is also relating to the way I live everyday. The way of living can influence others, I strongly believe.

For example, what I told my kids today at the dinner time, it would change their world. When my children’s world changes, the world would change too.

What I am writing right now in this column, it would change some people’s values for sure.

The energy I release in my walking outside, the energy in the conversations with others, my kindness, my smile, my generosity, my contributions or etc. Those are to change the world.

We don’t have to be Mark Zuckerberg if we want to change the world. I am not but I change the world too, everyday.

I changed my adopted children’s lives since they came to us when my sister passed. I changed their lives for sure and the change actually changed this world too.

You can change the world today. What are you going to do today?

Talk more in tomorrow’s column!

Have a wonderful day!!

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