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Don't have to be Mark Zuckerberg


Yesterday, probably at the Instagram, I saw a post quoting Mark Zuckerberg’s words. As we know, he is the CEO of Facebook.

By the way, my instagram is updated often enough. Click here if you are interested.

Mr. Zuckerberg said, “ I am asking myself everyday if I am doing the most important thing amongst all of things I can do.”

He continued, it is a problem if he thinks that his work is not important anyway in his life.

The topic of life purpose or mission is one of those topics I feel very important in my life as it comes up often in sessions with my clients.

I hear people say that they can’t find a purpose to fill in their lives and they feel like they just go on everyday without the purpose.

I see people who have something important to do though they procrastinate it for years too.

For example, there is a place that never want to touch in the household even though there is so much junk there, trying to give sweet and nice words to the partner though can’t do it, been wanting for years to contact the ex-partner because can’t get them from your mind but end up without contact everyday.

Or been wanting to publish a book for years though never contacted publishers at all.

Actually I published books in the US and Japan and got contacted by some people that they had been wanting publishing for years when I published my first book.

I had never known because they never told me but some people got a dream of publishing in their entire lives.

I simply told them to contact publishers.

I found my publisher for my first book in Japan in a few month since I started writing from the first line of my very first book.