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Bad luck or good luck like an accident

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I wonder if you all are having exercises sine the pandemic? For me, the pandemic was the greatly bad opportunity to stop exercising. I am not an athlete type, per se.

Since I ran into hypnosis, my life changed dramatically; I started exercising everyday with yoga and dance, it led me to lose 30-40 lbs, became a business owner in NYC.

I was always a chubby girl ever since I remember. I wen to size 16 in the US size and now I am in-between 2-4 in US size.

I say, losing weight at once isn’t hard and everyone has the golden moment or two that felt great and look great. However keeping up the weight and health is another thing as we all know.

I wasn’t exercising for good 20 years and with hypnosis, I suddenly went back to gym and started going to gym everyday.

At the time, I was in Singapore on my spouse’s transfer and also in order to get visas for my adopted children who used to be my sister’s one.

I was in a foreign country so I didn’t have a job and I had my own toddlers and newly adopted teenagers at home so staying home mom fit my life style.

After 20+years break, I started exercising and started losing weight. Of course, in this process, hypnosis had lots to do with my life changing events.

With hypnosis help, I started feeling self worth, which I wasn’t aware of the concept for over 20 years. I started feeling really important about my life and myself so taking care of myself became priority of mine.

I was cleaning up my negative thoughts and energies, it led me not to overeat, which played major role in my weight loss.

Those negative feelings and energy in me was causing over-eating or other bad behaviors against myself.

Like I said now, it was not just outside that I changed but actually my inside changed so my outside changed accordingly.

It’s interesting to think that my biggest change/transformation happened when I had biggest challenging in my life. Normally bad kind of change happen to us when you have a lot of stress like this.

I thought I enjoyed eating and it led me to eat a lot and kept overeat for 20 years. In the result, I hit my maximum weight in my 30’s when I was experiencing life changing event of divorce.

I was in Japan then so divorce was a huge stress with cultural background in the time too. I had panic attack or two in the era. Probably it was one of those most challenging time in my life.

At the time, I never imagined that my sister would die and I would adopt her children and have my own children in later time though it was one of those most challenging times in my life.

I was looking for a way to stabilize myself but there were not so much options then. It was much before me running into hypnosis.

Nobody told me how to handle my stress but they try to give me some medicines to sleep or for the panic attack.

I had pain and soreness in my body and I was going to acupuncture and chiropractic in Japan. They really helped and I am still a believer of acupuncture in these days.

Much later than the time, I got to know that the soreness, fatigues and pain in my body had a lot to do with my emotions and energy but at the time, I had no idea.

Anyway, I was always trying to find my happiness, satisfaction and literally feeling great about myself and my life.

I was trying to get elements such as social status, money and finally children. Luckily when I didn’t have my great career, my husband was having great career.

In the result, we became very wealthy and in Singapore, we lived in a penthouse apartment with two living in maids.

Even before the Singapore days, in NYC, we were having big break of our lives. We could have a life style that we ever wanted.

However, I wasn’t happy. I definitely was better but it wasn’t the feelings of what I was ever looking for, means probably, “happiness”.

Surely people believe that lot of people thought I was very happy but I wasn’t.

What did I do? I found something I didn’t have, that was a child. It was the last resort of thoughts that I believed that the chid would bring happiness, I was ever looking for.

Not only a child, but also I eventually received beautiful twins of a boy and a girl. It was perfect.

I wrote about it before that I wrote in my writing class at my 8 years old of my age that I would marry a western man and have boy and girl twins. And it came true perfectly.

However it wasn’t feeling that I ever imagined then.

To be clear, my misery and unhappiness had nothing to do with my then husband or my children. It as all me, I say it clearly now.

However back in then, I couldn’t figure it out. And I cannot tell you how disappointed and desperate I was at the time. Because I believed that it was the way for me to finally grasp my happiness and worked my hardest throughout my life.

I wrote all those things in my book and it is published now so please read all the details of my struggles in the book.

You can buy in Amazon in kindle too. Click here.

Life is strange. At the time, I was most desperate in my life in my own pursuit of my happiness, right then, I ran into hypnotherapy.

That is why I can say for sure that there is no co-incidence in life. Everything is planned and made for you as customized program of yours by the universe.

It may be your time to change your life too and don’t miss this chance!

Have a wonderful day!

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