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Bad luck or good luck like an accident

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I wonder if you all are having exercises sine the pandemic? For me, the pandemic was the greatly bad opportunity to stop exercising. I am not an athlete type, per se.

Since I ran into hypnosis, my life changed dramatically; I started exercising everyday with yoga and dance, it led me to lose 30-40 lbs, became a business owner in NYC.

I was always a chubby girl ever since I remember. I wen to size 16 in the US size and now I am in-between 2-4 in US size.

I say, losing weight at once isn’t hard and everyone has the golden moment or two that felt great and look great. However keeping up the weight and health is another thing as we all know.

I wasn’t exercising for good 20 years and with hypnosis, I suddenly went back to gym and started going to gym everyday.

At the time, I was in Singapore on my spouse’s transfer and also in order to get visas for my adopted children who used to be my sister’s one.

I was in a foreign country so I didn’t have a job and I had my own toddlers and newly adopted teenagers at home so staying home mom fit my life style.

After 20+years break, I started exercising and started losing weight. Of course, in this process, hypnosis had lots to do with my life changing events.

With hypnosis help, I started feeling self worth, which I wasn’t aware of the concept for over 20 years. I started feeling really important about my life and myself so taking care of myself became priority of mine.

I was cleaning up my negative thoughts and energies, it led me not to overeat, which played major role in my weight loss.