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    Mitsu worked on variety of issues and
symptoms, such as....

Mitsu worked on numerous kinds of issues of Weight control, Panic Attack, Success, IBS, OCD, Stuttering, Insomnia, pains, sexual dysfunction, Self Esteem, Bad Habits, Behavioral Problems, Performance Enhancement, Phobia, Addictions, anxiety, loneliness, sadness, depression, Anger, Fear, Eating Disorder and more !

Physical symptoms with medical cause or without

Physical symptoms, such as pain even if there was a medical cause, there is still room that emotions plays parts to intensify the pain or less so hypnosis can help because emotions can control the pain more or less at all. Mitsu works on pain management for cancer patients as well.  


At the same time,  mind is such a strong force that can create incredible symptoms, pain or symptoms such as like heart-attack like, called, "panic attack" without any medical cause at all.  Hypnosis helps to work on the mind to reduce any symptoms manifested on the body and also mind. 

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Emotional issues and bad habits, yes!

Hypnosis works on long standing emotional issues that anyone worked on in their life time in regular counseling.  My clients typically went through all the regular therapies available already and sometimes, they tried something very exotic in their desperation, just get out of their life long depression!

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