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My own weight loss experience



A proof is in a pudding as we say, I have my own weight loss experience and the photos show before and after of my life changing weight loss.  Those are the same woman, not to mention that, right one is 9 years older than the left.  She is actually me at the different times in my life, as you noticed.  Left is probably in 2011 in my Vietnam trip when I lived in Singapore at the time and the right one is taken in September 2020 in New York.

I actually am not an athlete and far from it.  I was always chubby since my childhood and in my 30's and 40's, I was only getting larger and larger.  I hadn't exercised for 20 years in a proper way at the time.  In Singapore in 2011, I went to a hypnosis session without knowing anything significant about hypnosis just because I was afraid of height though I had to live in penthouse on the 28th floor with 17 months old twins.  I was scared living in the environment without child proof.  The experience changed my life.  Not only I overcame acrophobia, but also my life started to change in dramatic ways.  

As I was blown away by the power of hypnosis, I started working on my personal issues with the therapist.  Soon, not only I started excising, but also my over-eating habits started diminished.  In the result, I lost probably 60 pounds/27 kilos since then.  I am not too sure how much because I was chubby in my entire life and repeating yo-yo weight loss and gain in my entire life.  At the heaviest time to now, probably my weight is 60% in before and after. Probably the weight loss is 75 pounds/35 kilos in total.  


About myself, outside is not only changed but inside actually changed most. It is more like I changed my inside so my outside was changed too.  I was a stay home mom up to 2012, and after that, I became a certified hypnotherapist and starting performing as a therapist again.  In my background, I earned a Master of Social Work and performed as a psychotherapist in the past already.  I at the end, decided to make a comeback to the field in 2013 in New York City.  

Since then, I have been performing as a hypnotherapist, published books in Japan and the US, made 12 appearances in liver radio shows of New York radio stations after appeared in New York local newspapers 40 times, from the status of unemployed for 8 years. 

Negativity in me limited me in many ways that I made a proof in my life with my own life change and another proof is in the photos above.  When you feel well without negativity doesn't bother you, you will not do anything excess including eating.  Because you are already feeling well so you wouldn't need to make yourself feel better with anything including eating.  Your life should be much more simple and that is the way for anyone to be much more productive and simply pursue their goals. 

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