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My Approaches to Therapy

Because I have variety of clients with variety of needs and desires, I stay to focus on people's needs and desires.   After all, I work for people's happiness in this diverse culture.  Some people are strict believers of science, some are very spiritual and others are in-between.  We can always find a best collaboration to achieve our goals.  


Some people just want to kick bad habits, some want to change their lives. Some want to get out of depression, some want to marry someone, some just want to relax.  Whatever they want to achieve, I would find a way to work together.

Whatever the goal my clients have, wherever and however they are at their lives, there is always ways to achieve the goals.  Approach may vary because the needs and desires vary.  We can enhance the clients' strengths with using relaxation and energy work, or simply we can make the clients realize how wonderful they were at the first place.  

We boost the positives in the clients and diminish the negatives in them, that is my job.  In our lives, there is always reasons why we can't succeed.  A lot of us can't believe in ourselves or we can't believe that we deserve a lot more. Then our subconscious would stop us to achieve more and make us stay at the same place forever.  That is a "block".  

Why couldn't we believe in ourselves?  Normally we don't have a positive self image.  We will definitely succeed much more when we feel deserving a lot. Self esteem and great self images get hindered by negative experience in the past like in the childhood.  

I say that we were all born to be positive although we have deffense mechanism to protect ourselves to go on.  That defense mechanism makes us remember bad experiences much better than good ones.  This is an unfortunate fate we creatures have.  Just because we shouldn't put ourselves in danger or die so we shouldn't forget negative experiences, information to protect ourselves in our everyday life.  

We never forget bad experiences in any forms, not only physical but also any emotional crisis in our lives.  Because we shouldn't repeatedly have the same danger or crisis in our lives.  That is a reason why we persistently remember pain and negative impact in our lives.  When we have food poisoning, we wouldn't want to eat the same food ever again and we wouldn't want to fall in love ever again if we experienced terrible heart break.  

Our own defense mechanism makes us remember negative experiences persistent enough to make us avoid pain, failures and bad luck.  Negative experiences in our past would actually stay in us for life and they would keep us away from challenging, being brave or simply being very optimistic.  


We can fix it for sure although we would need a lot of "will" power to change our perception, values and our self images.  We have to change our perception that we are lucky people and good things always last long time.  

Perception and values are fixed in our childhood up to around 10 years old of age of ours.  After that period, we will need a lot more "will" to change it.

That is a reason why "Conscious" therapy such as psychotherapy takes long time or simply doesn't achieve a lot.  

Just because in our "Conscious", which is our usual state, we use around only 5% of our brain while in our "Subconscious" hidden underneath our "Conscious", we would use up to 95% of our brain and our brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster than "Conscious".  

Our potential is not understood in depth within our science though we have super power inside us unused and the potential is now ready to be used.  "Subconscious" is a natural state and it actually comes to us naturally and randomly a few times a day.  

Don't we want to use the super power of "Subconscious" for our own good?  Wouldn't we want to use the "Subconscious" power rather than waiting for a random occurrence ?  We can do it for sure.  


It is called "Induction" to induce the "Subconscious" state in us and we can go into the amazing state before our eyes.  And the "induced" subconscious state is actually called "hypnosis" in terminology and therapy with using the "Induced Subconscious" is called "hypnotherapy".   

That is the way to change our own perception.  We want to feel like a lot of good things happen to us and will keep happening to us in our lives then we can challenge more, courageously.  


I help people with energy work too.  Energy is our own vibration generated by our own 40 trillion micro cells in us.  Energy, the vibration is information from our micro level in our cells and tells us a lot about us, of course. Working on our own energy will tremendously improve our mood too.  

I work for people, their emotional and physical well-beings.  And a lot of times, our physical well-being is greatly affected by our mental one.  I say that everything about us has to do with our mind.  


We can boost the energy and positives in us and we can reduce negativity as well.  Normally our bad behaviors such as over-eating and drinking are caused by our negative energy and feelings in us.  We try to feel better and distract ourselves from our own negativity so we do something we love to do, such as eating and drinking.  

Blame is always negativity and we can take care of it in hypnotherapy.  You can take yourself back and live happily! 

Blue Light

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Hypnotherapy sessions (On-Line or In-Persnon)

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