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How sessions go

How the session 1 goes :

In first session, typically we try to determine what the problem the client has and what

the goal of theirs.  I explain why hypnotherapy is different from any other therapies performed in "Conscious" and most effective of all.  It is so important for my clients to know scientific background of hypnosis.  Because they are going to achieve better when they understand and believe in the therapy the best.  It motivates my clients to achieve higher. This goes 30 to 40 minutes.  

Then after a short break, we go into hypnosis session.  Normally I take my clients to a safe space such as "forest" in their mind.  In this process, relaxation, breathing techniques, and energy reading  are happening.  I can detect certain types of energy in this process or I ask my clients to release some unwanted energy in them.  We have to understand that we are affected by a lot of energy around us so in this process, we are going back to our own original energy.  

In this process, they breathe in good energy and breathe out negative or unwanted energy and they feel a lot of amazing release in themselves.  Most of the time, they have unwanted energy, which is associated with some past events or some kind of images of themselves  and we try to release the energy in this process.  

Energy may have weight, temperature, texture and of course feelings and emotions so we can detect it together.  This energy is negatively helping our negative behavioral and thinking patterns so we should certainly release them.  


Images themselves could be relating to real events in the past that may be so subtle so clients don't remember it in their daily life though they recall the images in "hypnosis/subconscious" level.  When this event is subtle, they couldn't recall it in the "Conscious" therapy so it is likely never solved in the past therapy experience.  Even though it is a subtle event, it could greatly affect your emotional health.  

When a past event as a scene is brought up in hypnotherapy, it is called "Age Regression" and it is very effective method to solve your emotional issues.  

We don't have to go back to the past at all.  However you can be healed when your self image feels protected and taken care of in "Subconscious" level.  This is ultimate healing of all and very powerful.  

You are going to be amazed how deeply you knew about yourself.  All the answers are actually in you.  Before the hypnosis in your "Conscious" level, you had no idea why you behave or negatively think.  However in hypnosis, you would tell me why on your own.  Just because your brain is amazing in the condition of using up to 95% of your brain rather than using only 5% of it in your "Conscious" and also in "Subconscious", your brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster than "Conscious".  

It is certainly like "Voila"  that my clients look different when they come back from hypnosis.  They look sharper and dumped a lot of weight from them.  In their words, a lot of my clients tell me how light they feel of their own.  9 out of 10 of my clients fee amazing relief from the first session.  

This healing process could take only 1 session though it depends.  Some may take a few sessions to have the breakthrough.  

Hypnotherapy reduces negative and increases positive in my clients and it is the way for them to move forward positively in their lives.  It happens in this exact way to a lot of people before my eyes and it happened to me too.  I am a believer because of it and I welcome you to the club!

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