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Bad things may manifest too

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I am talking about how to overcome trouble from yesterday. Hope this would help you…

It is natural for us to panic and feeling negative in trouble although the results may be the same or even worse when we panic.

We all know about laws of attraction that we panic or being negative would attract the results of negative. It is manifestation.

That is why all the celebrities say believing in ourselves, eliminate the fear. The more we fear, the more the fear will manifest.

It doesn’t matter good or bad. Anything very firmly stay in our mind will manifest, according to the laws of attractions.

It works great when we are positive and trying to manifest positive results. However when we fear, or thinking about something bad happen, that would manifest too even though people don’t know about it.

Thus, fear is completely useless in the sense. There is no benefit for use to worry, the answer is no.

Why are we worried anyway? It is about defense mechanism, right?

Something bad happens then we think it will end as the worst result in our visions.

Why? Because we want to be prepared for the bad news. We want to protect ourselves from the shock that we will surely h