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Bad things may manifest too

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I am talking about how to overcome trouble from yesterday. Hope this would help you…

It is natural for us to panic and feeling negative in trouble although the results may be the same or even worse when we panic.

We all know about laws of attraction that we panic or being negative would attract the results of negative. It is manifestation.

That is why all the celebrities say believing in ourselves, eliminate the fear. The more we fear, the more the fear will manifest.

It doesn’t matter good or bad. Anything very firmly stay in our mind will manifest, according to the laws of attractions.

It works great when we are positive and trying to manifest positive results. However when we fear, or thinking about something bad happen, that would manifest too even though people don’t know about it.

Thus, fear is completely useless in the sense. There is no benefit for use to worry, the answer is no.

Why are we worried anyway? It is about defense mechanism, right?

Something bad happens then we think it will end as the worst result in our visions.

Why? Because we want to be prepared for the bad news. We want to protect ourselves from the shock that we will surely have from the worst results.

Avoid the pain, that is absolutely defense. It is like automatically close the eyes when something is about to hit you. It is natural reactions of ours.

The more we have defense, the more fear we have in us. The more we don’t want to fail, the more fear we have.

Or, the more fear we have in us, the more defensive we become. It is like chicken and egg in this sense.

Psychologically and also laws of attraction wise, worry and fear would bring a worse results as we know.

Again, fear doesn’t really have any benefits and also the fear would manifest in the future so we should stop our fear.

Defense mechanism is one of those innate functions our ours though it is absolutely strengthen by negative events in our lives.

As a human, we have a body and we are programed to avoid death. To do so, we need to take pain as serious symptom leading us to death.

Pain is a sign to warm us about the end of us. It doesn’t matter if it is physical or emotional pain, we are programed to learn and avoid any pains.

Once we know a pain, we are lessoned and try to avoid similar pain in the future. For example, once you are about to be drowned, you will never feel comfortable with water. It is called a trauma.

Past trauma would make you more sensitive around pain and makes you try to avoid the pain. You would start to be prepared for the pains and also possible pains..

Unfortunately because of this defense mechanism, we tend to remember negative events than positive events.

When we get older, we become conservative and try to avoid any risks. This tendency happens because of our natural defense mechanism and also the impact of past negative events.

And probably this change isn’t the most positive one in our livings.

When we are younger, we chase dreams without thinking of risks as we know. Of course, the attitude has a potential for us to fail.

However, there is a great chance for us to succeed in the attitude.

That is why, we should believe in ourselves, then there is much more chance for us to have a positive outcome.

If you feel like fear defeats you and stopped chasing the dreams, you may want to eliminate negativity from the past events. Hypnosis can make it possible.

Have a wonderful day!

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