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Hypnotherapy sessions

Mitsu offers one on one hypnotherapy services to clients on a variety of presenting issues and goals.  My offerings are below and all sessions are held in person in my office locations in Manhattan, NY and remotely over zoom.


  • Upgrading yourself

In your subconscious, changing your perception to succeed everyday.  ​

  • Performance Enhancement​

Very particular goal such as improvement on your professional singing skills, academic performances, just doing better at work, having a great conversation techniques at dating. 

Whatever the goal is, we can achieve because after all, any performance ability is all about psychological.  You are not going to shine when you set a limit for yourself.  We will work on removing the psychological block.  

  • Emotional issues

Long standing and pending issues such as stuttering, self esteem, relationship issue and trauma.  

Hypnotherapy is fast acting therapy, I proudly introduce. Long standing emotional issues that you already worked on in traditional psychotherapy would be resolved in  a few sessions.  

In my practice, 9 out of 10 clients claim tremendous relief from the first session.  We don't have time to waste, we will go to the bottom of the problems.  

Personal sessions run for 90 minutes to 2 hours each time and $275/session.  

Life Coaching/Motivation Talk sessions 

Mitsu offers Life Coaching/Motivation Talk services to clients who seek a professional help to achieve more.  This services are performed for 1 hour without hypnosis with using traditional psychology and energy psychology.  The approach is unique because we work on mind, body and energy to motivate you and feel better and achieve higher! All sessions are held in person in my office locations in Manhattan, NY and remotely over Zoom.

Price Lists

Hypnotherapy sessions

  • 1 session takes for 90minutes to 2 hours including talking and hypnosis and costs $275. Hypnosis will be little more than 1 hour.  Hypnosis uses subconscious state, which would make brain activity better than usual so I wouldn't recommend longer hypnosis than 90 minutes.  

  • 5 sessions in a set and move forward to the set goals for your life for only $1,100 ($220/session).  

  • 4 sessions in a set and discounted as $990 ($247.50/session).

This is a personal investment that for you, wanting to change your life and turn a table favoring for you!  In any stage of your life, you may need some reviews and reflections on your life, and move forward to a major change!

Life Coaching/Motivation Talk Sessions

  • 1 session is for 1 hour in this Life coaching strive and $99 introductory rates for On-line life coaching sessions.  $149 for In-person Life Coaching session at my office in Manhattan, NY. 

  • 3 session package deal is available for $250 for On-line sessions and $290 for In-person Life Coaching.  



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