On-line Guided Meditation Sessions NEW!!! 

A professional would support your meditation and guide you to the deeper awareness and mindfulness! If you want to motivate yourself to achieve more or learn mindfulness for your own benefits, this session is for you! Take your meditation deeper to have positive mind-set for your daily routine. 

45 minutes---$88

Personal sessions

  • Life coaching (Upgrading yourself)

In your subconscious, changing your perception to succeed everyday.  ​

  • Performance Enhancement​

Very particular goal such as improvement on your professional singing skills, academic performances, just doing better at work, having a great conversation techniques at dating. 

Whatever the goal is, we can achieve because after all, any performance ability is all about psychological.  You are not going to shine when you set a limit for yourself.  We will work on removing the psychological block.  

  • Emotional issues

Long standing and pending issues such as stuttering, self esteem, relationship issue and trauma.  

Hypnotherapy is fast acting therapy, I proudly introduce. Long standing emotional issues that you already worked on in traditional psychotherapy would be resolved in  a few sessions.  

In my practice, 9 out of 10 clients claim tremendous relief from the first session.  We don't have time to waste, we will go to the bottom of the problems.  


Couple sessions

In the first session, typically I listen to the couple together and summarize what kind of issues are presented from the both sides and tell them how we work on those.  ​

Even though there are issues in-between individuals in a couple, same kind of topic that we stumble in our everyday life because those are personal issues make any relationship difficult to go on or the couple stay together.  

In the first session, I can identify some issues in-between them and work on each of the issues normally INDIVIDUALLY in hypnosis sessions.  After a few hypnosis sessions, the couple and I have a review session and recognize the improvement in communications and behaviors in their daily life.  

Most of the times, first round of the hypnosis sessions bring visible improvement to the couple. We adjust the assessment and go back to individual hypnotherapy if they need more to improve.  

We all have issues and get together with the conditions and issues when we are with the other so we would present our issues in our relationships.  It is hard for us to fix our usual behaviors and ideas in daily life so the issues normally get worse day by day in our lives.  

Again, it is hard for us to improve on our own because we all have perception and values in each one of us already fixed.  Some people simply don't believe in great relationships even though they truly want it.

If you don't believe in great relationships or even true love, it would be hard for anyone to get it, we all know.  It works the same as we don't believe in our success, we would never get success.  

We will build trust and belief and we can become an amazing unit together!