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How to be a lucky and happy person

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A while ago, I read it in the social media that lucky people would be careless when best things don’t happen to them.

I definitely say that lucky people believe everything happens to them is the best things.

What is your opinion?

Do you believe everything happens to you is wonderful things? Or are you suffering from some of your failures in your life?

I say that everybody experiences life challenges. I don’t believe no one experience no challenges in their lives.

However, in the social media, we see people who seem to have fabulous lives. Everyone looks happy and good in there.

I don’t have a problem with it at all but we all should know that the fabulous lives aren’t there forever, right?

Before the fab life, there should be some challenges and un-fabulous life, actually in order to be fabulous, and it is the lives in the ways.

The problems here are; people who actually in un-fab life wouldn’t make an announcement that they are struggling in the social media right?

Or, the un-fab life shown in social media wouldn’t get so much attention on them after all.

In the conclusion, people who are developing and in the process of the success wouldn’t get attention and living so quietly in the sense.

Well, they may get so much attention on their lives after they get famous or successful. However no media will give a spotlight on strugglers in the real life.

That is the reason why everyone looks like going easy peasy and having fab life and it can’t help it showing the way.

It may be non-sense, then, we feel like miserable while everyone is having a fab life in the sense, but some of us feel the way surely.

Our social system creates the agony for us and we should be aware.

Everyone works hard and waiting for the moment to blossom after all, right?

Furthermore, it is really up to us how to spend the time of our own struggles. How to feel our struggles may be the key to our success too.

Simply saying, how are we define our struggles or hardworking here?

Believing that I am the only one who is treated unfairly, hoping to blossom someday, or simply enjoy the moments of our own struggles!

It is surely up to us, it is up to our own values and perception how to define our moments of struggles for sure.

For example, we live in the only one world. Some of us describe that this world is terrible but some of us describe that this world is wonderful.

Again, we have only one world for sure, aren’t we?

When you decided that we live in the bad world, we have to worry and be anxious everyday.

Instead, we decided the world is wonderful, we are looking forward to wonderful things happen to us with excitements everyday.

But again, both of us live in the same world. The world is still only one place.

Even though the world is only one place, we feel like we live in the different worlds when we have different perceptions.

And, more to say, can the situation decide how we feel about our lives or happiness? For example, something unfortunate happens to some of us, should those people unhappy because of them?

People waiting for their blossoming in struggles, shouldn’t they be happy?

It is ok for us to bite our teeth hard and waiting for the blossoming. However, isn’t it really hard for us to biting our teeth hard all the time and struggle in our struggling moments?

I say that it is possible for us to live lightly and happily any time even in our own struggling moments. Because it is just a matter of mind-set.

You are the authority to decide what kind of world you live in. How you are doing in your life. You don’t have to let the society, social media or social values decide how your life is, or you are happy or not.

You can decide what your life is about and its values. Let us decide you have a happy life today and it is really possible.

Have a wonderful day!

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