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What did you do with Laws of Attraction?

We have been hearing the words of Laws of Attraction for a while. Are you practicing? As a therapist and a life coach, there is no way to do anything without the law of attraction now a days.

Laws of attraction is not just about spirituality any more. It is based on science, specifically, quantum physics and it decides how this world works. I am so glad that Laws of Attraction is getting common better and better.

So, how do we attract? How to get happiness, those are the foci right?

First of all, calling out anything you want? Is it? For example, partners, money, business success, something you will be happy when you get them, right?

In business field, there are METHODS right? Yeah, those are marketing. I feel like everyone is selling marketing and you got to do webinar first of all to attract customers.

You have no idea how much sales call that I have as a business owner. Those are marketing sales people.

At the beginning of my career, I tried out some. However I have never been impressed with any results from them. Yes, it is my own experience.

However, a lot of people get onto the methods. Of course, I understand the statistics when your business is exposed in the Internet.

However, it is not entirely depending on marketing or how much growth that you will have, that is a question. They just put your name on the top of the search, that’s it.

I answered a phone call today too and was told that they put my name on the top of the search, yes. I told them that I had never had any surprising results in the path.

Then I was told that I am going to regret if I give up on my business then.

I say as a psychologist, this is the best sales talk mentioning regret.

Yes, raising buyer’s anxiety, that is the best sale method of all. I am saying this long time, if you do anything based on anxiety or fear, for example, I don’t want to regret, I don’t want to fail and whatever. Those are negative motivation at all.

I don’t eat because I don’t want to be fat, I don’t go out under the sun because I don’t want to have wrinkles, I will have lots of wrinkles on face if I don’t use the particular cream. Those are negative motivations and it is the most effective sales talk.

They get into your skin with using your anxiety and fear.

I heard the word of regret, yes. Well, I don’t regret. I decided not to regret long time ago because there is no benefits in the path.

I said that I am a life coach, I don’t regret and decided not to do it long time ago.

Then they said if I am doing my business as charity. Don’t you want money?

Yes, of course. Don’t you want money? It is so typical. We think that money will solve problems that we all have.

I said that I will do it as charity when I don’t need money. I am not doing this business for money.

Yeah, it is true. And I told them that I don’t feel positive with it so I don’t want your services. I hang up.

Yes, it’s true that people work for money, well lot of us do. That is how this world works.

Let us feel safe and happy! We apply cream before the wrinkles! We absolute hate regrets! Well, you can decide not to regret if you hate it so much. You don’t have to buy an expensive cream because of the fear of wrinkles.

And you buy the cream because you already decided to regret in the future.

And money can buy happiness. Of course. That is how the world works. In person with the question, lots of people say that money can’t buy happiness. However a lot of people believe that we will be happy with money. I can’t deny it.

Well, I say, I wasn’t happy with money, at least much more money in the past in my experience.

How come do we have the belief? Is this ok situation?

Since December 2020, we have Wind Period and it makes us easier to do more attraction in the universal laws.

Before that, it was Earth Period lasted 200 years. In the period, effects worked slow and there was no so much movement there.

Let us go back to the Laws of Attraction. Is there anyone that called out what you wanted?

Like I want it so I am staying positive and never be negative about it everyday. It is going to be ok, I can get married this time.

As I wrote my book, I wrote that I was going to get married to a western man and have boy and girl twins when in my writing class at my age of 8.

I am from a small town and it was unbelievably ridiculous for me to get married to a westerner at the time. Japan was much more conservative when I was a girl.

Why the heck I am going to have boy and girl twins? I was laughed in the class.

In my view, I was decided. I remember that I saw boy and girl twins from the parents, Japanese and a western man. It absolutely looked like my fate, yes.

Well, it wasn’t entirely comic of it. It absolutely came true! It is called Manifestation in the Laws of Attraction.

I didn’t remember the 8 years old writing in the consious level since the writing at the age of 8. However I was attracting it in my subconscious, I believe.

Of course, meanwhile, I wasn’t trying not to be negative to make it come true or I wasn’t calling out of boy and girl twins at all.

I say I had a strong belief and the belief attracted a western man and my wonderful twins.

I say, you will attract tying not to be negative when you try not to be negative. The more you try not to be negative, the more you will attract try not to be negative.

Whatever that is, it will manifest in your thoughts or subconscious.

When you hate wrinkles, the more you hate it, the more it will manifest. Because the wrinkles are focus in your subconscious.

A western man and boy and girl twins are incredible attractions though for example, a wish to be the richest man in the world is a big one and you need to believe it will come true if you truly want it.

I ordered a western man and boy and girl twins long time ago. That is why I never confirmed the order meanwhile. Or I didn’t feel anxious if the order was placed.

I ordered it and believed it and they came to my life at the “divine timing” or when I became ready.

The more wonderful, the more guts we need to receive.

$1,000,000, omg, lucky! Does it work in the way? Are you feeling like “is it really ok to receive it?” Or something wrong with this offer. It is too good to be true. Am I going to be in trouble later if I receive it?

A prince on the white horse proposed you, you may think that he is a fraud. You may think that nothing that great should be happening to you.

Receiving is trickier than we think and it is about how worthy we are and relating to of course, self image and self love.

Is any of you here to believe that you have no ability to manifest? Of course not! What you have right now at this moment are all your manifestation, my love!

Your situation, right there, your looks, marriage, career or apartment and etc. All the things and people you have are your manifestation!

Yes, what you believed in the past, you brainwashed yourself that you can have them or you can’t have them, all of the things, people or anything are reflected to what you have now.

How did you do? If you aren’t satisfied, it indicates that your past mind-set was negative. And also I must say that you are attracting more dissatisfaction for your future, right?

Your mind-set at today is going to make yourself on tomorrow and also 5 years later.

Be amazing today and believe that you are amazing today! And your future will be amazing too. Yeah, marketing wouldn’t make your future amazing but you are making your future amazing!

Have a wonderful day!

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