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Someone truly loves you!

Isn’t it an amazing feelings that someone truly loves you? Yes, it is! More or less, we all are looking for the amazing feelings in all of our lives, aren’t we?

If you can close your eyes now and experience the feelings in you, please be my guest now. Come on! Close your eyes and feel the love in you.

How wonderful you feel, that is love and fills you and warms you up good. Again more or less, we are all looking for love in our lives.

You may say that no, I am not looking for love, I want to be wealthy and have a fabulous life with gorgeous vacations and all that.

Then, I say, what is the fabulous life? Go somewhere sunny and drinks and pampers, right? Or envy or respects from others because you are a billionaire?

If you close your eyes and experience the feelings of fabulousness, respects or envy, then you know that the feelings are also a kind of love.

I say, love fulfills you, satisfies you and warms you in the same way. That is actually called happiness too.

I say, we are all looking for love and happiness for sure. Definitely happiness can’t come to you without love. That is the reason why people say that money can’t buy happiness.

However, love can give you happiness for sure. In contrary, you are not happy when you are a billionaire, then, I say, you are lacking love in your life.

That is the reason why people say that money cannot buy happiness as the truth.

I said to feel someone loves you. Do you have anyone to love you? I hope you do.

I know that a lot of people are looking for the feelings of completion or so called satisfaction with love.

Then a lot of people blame a solitude without partnership because of the loneliness that they have.

Yes, they think that they are lonely because they are single. They are lonely so they are not happy.

It means that you are not happy so you need someone else to make you happy right?

Then single people are all unhappy and lonely? I definitely can’t say that.

How about the partnerships? Aren’t they unhappy when they are partnered?

It sounds like, we are unhappy when we are single and we are also unhappy when we are partnered.

Where is our happiness?

Would you enjoy your partnerships? Do you love your partner or do you enjoy companionship?

Of course, you love your partner though, would you enjoy the partnership? 

You feel like you want to avoid to be with your partner or you’d rather being alone? Are you avoiding deep or real conversations with your partner?

Is your partner attractive as a person? Is your partner good as a person?

Isn’t it so hard for us to demand or find a right person as good as gold in this real world?

If you luckily find him/her, would you feel completely deserving him/her?

Would you still feel like you found the gold? After years of romance, would you still be interested in your partner as much as when you found him/her?

Are you still looking at positive points of him/her rather than feeling can’t miss any flaws?

Would you feel like rather being alone then?

It is true that perception is everything. In precise, a truth is what you believe, whatever that is.

What do you want to believe? What do you believe?

If you feel like you can’t stand being alone or you desperately would need a partner, it is a form of dependency.

You depend on someone else for your happiness, right? Because you can’t be happy on your own.

Are you still in love with your partner? Were you actually in love with your partner once? Would you be able to find good things in him/her?

Could you tolerate with him/her on good days and bad days? Would you be able to forgive him/her for his/her mistakes?

Could you accept him/her for him/herself?

Would you really care about him/her at the end of the days?

The bold letters above, can you apply to yourself? Something like this;

Are you still in love with yourself? Were you actually in love with yourself once? Would you be able to find good things in yourself?

Could you tolerate with yourself on good days and bad days? Would you be able to forgive yourself for your own mistakes?

Could you accept yourself for who you are?

Would you really care about yourself at the end of the days?

It is not a right idea to depend on someone else to make you happy. We are not waiting for someone come in our lives to make us happy, right?

By the way, we are not really alone when we have no company in our lives. We always have ourselves, don’t we?

We always have ourselves with ourselves 24/7, 365 days and actually we can’t avoid ourselves as we avoid our partners.

It is tricky for us to avoid ourselves. That’s why we really should be a best friend forever with ourselves. Doesn’t it make sense?

Definitely, we really should be feeling completed with ourselves first.

How would you be able to do something like the above to someone else when you can’t do those to yourself?

When you don’t love yourself, why would someone else deeply fall in love with you?

Would you enjoy your own company then how could you ask someone else to enjoy a company of you?

If someone else loves you when you don’t love yourself, you may not be true with the person. When you are not true to yourself or someone else, the relationship would have some issues later.

Can you say that you truly love you looking in your eyes in a mirror? If you can’t, you may need self esteem work. I’d love to work with you!

Have a wonderful day!

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