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Someone truly loves you!

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Isn’t it an amazing feelings that someone truly loves you? Yes, it is! More or less, we all are looking for the amazing feelings in all of our lives, aren’t we?

If you can close your eyes now and experience the feelings in you, please be my guest now. Come on! Close your eyes and feel the love in you.

How wonderful you feel, that is love and fills you and warms you up good. Again more or less, we are all looking for love in our lives.

You may say that no, I am not looking for love, I want to be wealthy and have a fabulous life with gorgeous vacations and all that.

Then, I say, what is the fabulous life? Go somewhere sunny and drinks and pampers, right? Or envy or respects from others because you are a billionaire?

If you close your eyes and experience the feelings of fabulousness, respects or envy, then you know that the feelings are also a kind of love.

I say, love fulfills you, satisfies you and warms you in the same way. That is actually called happiness too.

I say, we are all looking for love and happiness for sure. Definitely happiness can’t come to you without love. That is the reason why people say that money can’t buy happiness.

However, love can give you happiness for sure. In contrary, you are not happy when you are a billionaire, then, I say, you are lacking love in your life.

That is the reason why people say that money cannot buy happiness as the truth.

I said to feel someone loves you. Do you have anyone to love you? I hope you do.

I know that a lot of people are looking for the feelings of completion or so called satisfaction with love.