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How to manifest your dreams

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We all know that our mind-sets are so important in our everyday life. We don’t want to drag ourselves to work or do whatever takes everyday with empty mind, then we lose our track in our everyday life, don’t we?

Let us call it, “Mindfulness”, shall we? We want to feel mindful what is actually going on in our lives. Not like we go with our checklist to check or remove ourselves from the beds to survive even though it is extremely hard.

Survival, who would actually need “survival” in this modern world, however so many people do have survival spirits as our mind-sets.

Like I said, however, it should be very small amount of people who truly need this survival spirits in this world. There are surely people who need to survive in the war in this world.

Even without wars or extreme situations, we have survival spirits to survive in the world, it is surprisingly fair amount of people, I say and it is not a best mindset.

You may live to survive or you live for the great future? Survival isn’t real one in this sense, you know. This is about the mind-set. Do you know the way of living, your mind-set will influence your life?

You never need to go through hardship and suck it. It’s not necessity but mind-set, isn’t it? And, that is not best type of mind-set if you do.

We may envy the life style shown in magazines. Those look just good and a lot of times, their mind-sets influenced their world.

It is more like, there was a great mind-set and the life style changed, this sounds like a better analysis. Those are success stories that we see on TV; positive thinking, laws of attractions, manifestation and all that.

Those are all relating to your desired life style too.

The word of manifestation reminded me of my writing at my 8 years old of age that I am going to marry a western man and have boy and girl twins. It precisely manifested.

To explain, I am from a very small town remote in Japan and it was truly crazy idea for me or any little girl to marry a western man in the town. I wouldn’t blame that everyone laughed at me in the class then.

In precise, I was too serious so I didn’t understand why they were laughing at me then. However, taking one step back from the classroom, I’d understand how crazy my idea was.

I remember, a little before when I wrote the future story, I saw someone who was married to a western man and had boy and girl twins.

I felt jolted and said to me, that’s it! In modern expression, I was totally clicked then.

You have to know it was the time without Internet, cell phones and there was only one small movie theatre in my town as a only the source of entertainment.

Somehow, I was clicked like a life time one and decided that it would be my future. It was extremely odd and strange for me to think in the way in my situation; I never saw any foreign man for real but on only TV then.

But somehow, I was so sure that that would be my life in the future. I felt like it was a great idea to fit my future, and everything made sense for mea round the idea. It was a huge click, I say.

However, in middle school, high school, in college, I wasn’t thinking or even making a move to marry to a westerner. I was just living in my life as a little girl.

I was just a young girl who was interested in foreign countries and English so I was moving into the directions. However, I didn’t plan to go abroad to find my husband or anything. There was no plan for my future husband or anything to live abroad.

Long story in short, one day, I realized that I was married to a western man like a coincidence.

Over 30 years later, I just thought, oh, my god, I wrote the silly story that I was going to marry to a western man and have boy and girl twins, and realized that it all came true.

People who talk about their own manifestation, they tell something similar, right? For example, in a left aside box, found a vision board and the house in the vision board looks like exactly the house they live in.

Before they notice, they live in the house that was once on their own vision board.

For me, I wasn’t thinking of the dream day and night. I feel like the universe got my strong vision/dream and started preparing everything around the area. Every step at a time, for the little girl who one day will marry.

Coincidence is an anonymous doings by the god. I believe Dr. Einstein said, right? Universal laws/laws of attraction is science and there is no co-incidence in the laws so the manifestation of mine was all planned in the long game for sure.

It is not like small scales of plans; like I do this then this will happen, at all. It is totally the universe/god’s job how to manifest the dreams.

It is not like, I am here in this situation so manifestation of mine will never happen. In this theory, widest dreams will come true. And also concrete plans may not come true.

When something doesn’t come true in the way we plan, it is absolutely the universe and gods’ will. Your god and the universe planned that your plan falls.

Because everything happens to us, actually happens for reasons on the universe’s and gods’ plans.

Something clicks like mine, naturally say that I like the idea! And that is my future, who cares who thinks you are a crazy person?, and that is the first step to the dream manifestation.

No matter how crazy or unfit to your current situation, who cares?

And, it is the universe’s or gods’ job to plan how to manifest. It starts looking like everything is coincidence in this manifestation.

We work our hardest everyday and listen to god’s or universe’s voices along with the right mind-sets, such as there is no limitation and anything is possible. That is of course, positive thinking and right mind-set.

And, we pay attention something wonderful around us not just filling tasks. That is mindfulness too.

Something good happens to me, if you believe that, you should know how powerful that is and how positively the thoughts impact on your life. It gives you endless possibility and power for your future.

Who cares how crazy that is, please have a dream!

Have a wonderful day!

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