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Hypnotherapy changes lives

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

This article was published on Japion of 12/25/2015 edition.
I know that it was 5 years ago though the contents are pretty good so I wanted to show it in my website. 
Reaching success and happiness with hypnotherapy (Part 1)

My article printed in the Japion, a Japanese newspaper in the past and here is English translation for Part 1:

Maintenance on mind and body
Reaching success and happiness with hypnotherapy (Part I)
Maximize your ability in your subconscious mind and be happier.
Q. Can you explain about changing our life with hypnotherapy?
A. People often complain that “I am not having so much fun.”, “I’m not feeling great.” or “I’m stuck in the same place forever.” even though they don’t have major issues of theirs. Furthermore, some people feel successful enough and satisfied with their life overall though they want to be more successful or happier to reach out higher goals in their life.
Hypnotherapy takes care of “negative energy” in those people who want to feel better or more successful. Hypnotherapy releases unknown and on-going anxiety, frustrations, or discomfort in you and improves your life leading you to better life style, success or just feeling happy.  

 Hypnotherapy is performed in people’s subconscious level so we can go into deeper level of our minds to find our rooted problems in us. Most of the time, the cause was in the past to trigger our depression, panic attacks, binge eating, insomnia, addictions or etc. Hypnotherapy is effective on variety of problems that we have. Every problem has a reason and also solution and I believe that people deserve happier lives. 
 Negative energy/feelings are anger, sadness, loneliness, frustrations and so on. When we release the negativity weighing us down everyday, we will be able to use the energy even better for our own productivity. We may be able to become much more capable than before, or we can get things done in shorter time or even better jobs for sure. 
Negative energy is toxin in us poisoning us everyday so we will feel better emotionally and physically when we release the negativity from us. Such a big relief that my clients express and get lightened up at the end of the session and feeling younger and more cheerful. 

Q. Why do we keep negativity in us? where did it come from?
A. Most of the time, negativity was initiated in the past in such as “small incidents”. For example, a child had to hear parents’ arguments every night and became sad. The child becomes an adult and they are triggered by same type of situation in their daily life. Sadness and anger they feel get significant more and more when they have to have the same type of situation to witness arguments. Because most of the time, any children are not truly healed from the negative experiences. 
When you have negative energy in you, you naturally hide your negative feelings in your daily life. It is part of your defense mechanism that naturally avoids trouble in relationships with others. You just can’t get angry all the time at work or other places so you may start using something ease your anger, pain or whatever you don’t want to feel. To ease negative feelings, we tend to do something we love to do, such as eating, drinking, working hard, gambling, or even sex. 
However negativity only gets bigger and it gets harder and harder to ease it day by day. You may end up seeing yourself already in trouble with using excessive eating, working, drinking, or too much sex. Those behaviors are just manifestation but the core problem is negativity in you. 
That is why we should take care of root case of your problem, which is negativity in you and release it from you as soon as possible. 

Q. Why hypnotherapy is better to take care of negative energy? 
A. For example, someone has a strong sense of jealousy. They have no idea why they became a jealous person at the first place. However, they can answer much better in hypnotherapy, which means that they can tell me why. Do you know that we keep all of our memory in our brain? 
We, humans use only around 5% of our brains in our “Conscious” level. However, in hypnosis, which is the state we are using our “Subconscious”, we use up to 95%. Since we have all the memory in our brain though we can’t recall everything at all in our “Conscious” though in “Subconscious”, we have much better chance to recall a lot more than ever. Thus we have much better chance to know where the negativity came from and also much easier to release the negativity from yourself. In “Subconscious”, you are a super version of you so all the answers and solutions are in you and you can make yourself much better use in many ways. Understanding, judgments, and will power, those would be enormously enhanced in your “Subconscious”, which is hypnotized state. 
I am one of those people who changed the life after releasing all the negativity that I kept in myself. I was eating a lot more to ease my emotional problems in the past and the behavior made me much larger day by day. I lost confidence in me then. After I released my negativity, I don’t have to ease my negativity any more so I naturally eat much less than before. Not only I lost 50 or 60 pounds, but also I became much more positive and can enjoy challenges and a lot of new things in my life. 
※ In Part 2, how to release negativity. 

This article was featured on Japion Jan 8, 2016 edition.
Reaching success and happiness with hypnotherapy (Part II)
Releasing negativity and train yourself to love yourself!!
Q. What is “Age Regression” to release「Negativity」?
A. Negative energies are anger, sadness, jealousy, and so on. There are some methods to remove those negativities though I use “Age Regression” a lot. Negative images got planted in you in your childhood, normally very subtle moments in the era. That is why you have high chance that you don’t even remember in your “Conscious”. Hypnosis helps you to remember them easy because you are in “Subconscious” then.
Let’s go back to the example, “Not having major problem though can’t enjoy life.” For example, this person may say that they constantly use eating to ease their negativity of loneliness. The over-eating becomes more significant, they developed a lot of guilt relating to the behavior too. 
 When we go back to the past in hypnotherapy session, we may find an incident that they were spanked by their mother as a small child and felt lonely and sad. This is called “Inner Child” and most of the time, the child is not completely healed so loneliness and sadness can trigger this person as an adult and start over-eating in the negative feelings. 

Q. How to release the negative energy? 
A. It depends on the case though we can just release and throw the negativity out of our bodies. It is “capture and release” in the sense. It is possible for us to capture the negative energy of loneliness when we use our body senses, color, shapes or the energy to release. Most of the times, energy has images, temperature, texture or others. This release should be done in “Subconscious”/hypnosis. You can feel incredibly lighter after the session. The relief tells you actually how heavy you were feeling in all those years. 
Whatever the behavioral problems or emotional issues that people have, healing has to occur in “Subconscious” level. In healing, literally, heal the “Inner Child ” in you still crying for help. Telling the child, “It is ok and it is going to be good in the future.” and show love and care to the child with hugging and kissing. 
 Most of the “Inner Child” is crying alone so you can help and care about them because you are the grown up. As an adult, you naturally hope for the child happiness and feeling protective for them. When you accept the child including their mistakes and misunderstanding, and can forgive them, you can feel unconditional love towards the child. When you truly love someone, you can accept their flaws too. Yes, when you accept the child all the way, you can truly love yourself. Then most of the problems you have in your life will solve themselves in the process. Because your entire values change in this process and it is a powerful transformation. 
Keeping negativity in you weighs you down in your body and mind. When you have minus 30 of negativity in you, you will need positive 130 to reach out to the level of positive 100. When you keep your energy level in positive, you wouldn’t need more energy to achieve higher everyday. That is why releasing negativity in you is important to help you to be productive and efficient everyday. 
I have clients who improved chronic knee pain or headache, or regained beautiful skin, or just changed their body better in the transformation. 

Q. What is perception change?
A. Nobody can change our past in incidents and facts. However we can always change how we feel about our own pasts. For example, when you decide “The world is terrible.”, you would find terrible things around you though you wouldn’t find anything wonderful at all. When you decided “The world is terrible.”, the fact is absolutely truth for you. On the other hand, when you decide “The world is wonderful.”, you would find a lot of goodness around you in your everyday life. You can entirely decide what to believe and it is called perception and value when you decide what to believe. 
Perception is very important in our daily life. Whatever happens to our lives, we still have some problems. Even when things are good, we may have a small matter. Either we pay attention to positive side of the world or not is completely up to us. 
We actually know ourselves much more than we ever believe. I witnessed in sessions, we know, “What is the negativity in us.”, “How to release or solve the negativity.” or “How to be even more successful.” in our deep down in our “Subconscious” level. Only “Subconscious” will bring you your own answers because of your amazing brain function in the state. 
Now I believe that you understand why hypnotherapy/subconscious therapy is different from any other therapies and let me help you to transform. It is never too late because you just decide so!
Do you want to be a person who you always wanted to be? Do you want to get what you wanted to get? Anything is possible when your mind is set for, that is what I say to you in the session with you. 
Have a wonderful day!!

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