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Is your universe friendly?

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Is your universe friendly? Asked by Albert Einstein and the answer defines your life. I ask you if your universe friendly. What is your answer?

My answer is absolutely yes! The universe, my Master, almighty being is always on my side. How lucky I am. What about you?

I believe in the universe though it depends on a person. Some people believe in gods. What kind of god? It depends too.

Whatever you believe, it doesn’t matter. Is your Master and is your world friendly? How is your world treating you? Those questions are proper in this sentence.

When your answer is yes, probably you are feeling pretty lucky. You may feel like chosen by the god or universe and feeling safe and treated well in your world.

I want you to realize how important this question is. How your world is treating you? It is relating to of course, how are you doing in this world?

It is absolutely about happiness, lucky, safety and satisfaction.

It is important because happiness is something everyone wants in this world. We all want happiness when we want money, husband or successful career. Social status like No. 1 YouTuber or something.

It is still about happiness. Success, marriage and money, we believe that those will bring satisfaction and happiness.