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Keep feeling good...

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I am continuously talking about how to maintain our good mood from the last blog.

It is ok to care about poor soul who is in a bad mood, however taking responsibly and try to fix the bad energy, it would be our own stress.

Some of my clients are very kind people who care about African famine and have sleepless nights. It is a kind gestures but the care stresses you then you can’t give your best to the African famine or taking care of themselves or people who they love and need you.

I am talking about thinking about something negative and get stressed out, I am talking about how to handle stress in any kind of negative circumstances and live happily.

There are people who tend to take responsibility for someone else’s. Probably when we can’t let go of something off from our mind like this, our past experiences may involve the feelings of the attachments.

In the case, therapy is pretty effective too.

There should be a reason or two why we pay attention to the African Famine and the reason is in us; something in us drives us in the sense.

Care is great but you may lose our focus on something important around us.

Again, when we wake up in the good mood, please keep it. Please be yourself despite other energies around you.

It is important for any of us to focus on our own energy and not to be involved with negative energy around us.

Your energy is yours and it is a great resource, so let us use the precious energy in the most effective ways.

When you have to receive a negative attitude or comments on you, we shouldn’t take any of them or take them into you. If you do, your mood could be ruined.

When you are in a good mood, you truly want to stay in the realm.

Energy is living so it is fluid and changing. Though we can maintain in the positive

I recommend you to calm yourself down when you don’t feel well. When you take your frustration and aggression on someone else with saying something negative or doing negative, your energy may not going to a right direction.

When we take our frustration and aggression on someone else, we have to aware of the energy in us. Aggression or stress may feel better with taking it on things; like punching on the pillow, however it’s not going to solve it with taking the energy onto something or someone.

I say that those are temporary solution but, you may at the end, nurture the negative energy in you. When you nurture it, it would be nurtured and the situation will be more difficult.

That is why releasing negative energy/emotions would be very important.

If you have recurrent negative energy, therapy should be very effective. I recommend meditation too.

Meditation is a subconscious state so it is a sibling of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy has a guide who is a therapist, so hypnotherapy would be much more effective in the sense such as very mature big sister or brother.

We can’t underestimate the negative emotions/energy.

We do all kinds of things to release the negativity in us; taking it onto someone else, which could be escalated to abuse or harassment, taking it onto some other behaviors such as overeating, over drinking or manifestation of panic attacks, sleeping problems.

Those are all caused by negative energy/emotions. When you overlook negative energy, any kind of reflections and effects manifest in your life.

My clients who want to work on their weight issues, dependency or alcoholism, those are caused of course, negative energy kept in the person.

Hypnotherapy is effective therapy so try it once.

Have a wonderful day!

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