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Maintain your high-vibrations

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In the last blog, I was going to talk about energy maintenance in our daily life.

First of all, we have to find how to lift up our moods, for instance, putting on the favorite dress or listening to the favorite song on the way to the station.

Picking up your own good mood is something happens to us and it is very lucky opportunity. It is our own energy and positive so there is no way to miss this opportunity of our own, isn’t it?

Let us boost the good mood up to the maximum level when we got this opportunity.

Feelings or moods, they are the energies and when they are good, it means that you have a high vibrations. We maintain this high vibration moment or two.

It may not be an easiest job to maintain the high vibration moments though.

I explain this sometimes and energy is vibrations from our microcells that are 40 trillions in us. Each one of them is supposed to vibrate when they are alive. When they are not alive, they don’t vibrate.

Those vibrations are releasing from our bodies, they are called energy.

Those are vibrations from the cells in our bodies, so vibration/energy is always relating to what we are doing, where we are or who we are with. Doesn’t it make sense?

Our mood changes and the vibrations change too. Vibrations change