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Maintain your high-vibrations

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In the last blog, I was going to talk about energy maintenance in our daily life.

First of all, we have to find how to lift up our moods, for instance, putting on the favorite dress or listening to the favorite song on the way to the station.

Picking up your own good mood is something happens to us and it is very lucky opportunity. It is our own energy and positive so there is no way to miss this opportunity of our own, isn’t it?

Let us boost the good mood up to the maximum level when we got this opportunity.

Feelings or moods, they are the energies and when they are good, it means that you have a high vibrations. We maintain this high vibration moment or two.

It may not be an easiest job to maintain the high vibration moments though.

I explain this sometimes and energy is vibrations from our microcells that are 40 trillions in us. Each one of them is supposed to vibrate when they are alive. When they are not alive, they don’t vibrate.

Those vibrations are releasing from our bodies, they are called energy.

Those are vibrations from the cells in our bodies, so vibration/energy is always relating to what we are doing, where we are or who we are with. Doesn’t it make sense?

Our mood changes and the vibrations change too. Vibrations change so the mood changes. It’s like chicken and eggs.

Energy is vibration so energies reflect or attract each other; our energy/vibrations change when bad energy approaches us.

It happens your mood gets ruined when bad mood person comes to you.

Bad mood person gets irritated just because your energy is different from theirs. They may try to change your energy to harmonize yours with theirs.

Of course, when the energies are different from each other, they don’t agree so they automatically try to raise or lower the others, right?

It is like hot water and cold water. Or hot air and cold air; as we know, hot air and cold air mixed, the mixture creates friction and cause wind or storm and also a heavy rain or hurricane.

Aren’t there people who light up the room? Those are probably high vibration people and their energy raises the energies in other people near by.

Contradictory, there are like energy vampires that suck the better energy around and lower the mood of the room.

When you are a good and kind person, it is normal for you to feel compassionate for the people in bad mood.

However, when you start feeling more than it; trying to fix the bad mood of someone else, or taking care of the bad mood of the person, then you may get involved with the negative energy.

It is important for us to remind ourselves not to take any responsibility when it is not yours. In this case, not to take any responsibility for the other person’s bad mood.

Any of us consciously try to take responsibility for other people’s mood. However some of us can’t take their minds off of the bad energy and the poor person.

When you try to take care of the other person’s bad mood, you can be involved with the bad energy too.

I love the world peace and will do anything if I can make that happen. However, when I believe that the world peace is my responsibility, it is going to be enormous responsibility and stress on me.

Yes, we wish the world peace and other good things. Those desires and wishes are ok. However, when we think that we try to control the outcome of the wishes and desires; we can’t accept the outcome of the wishes and desires, it is going to be a lot of stress on us.

In the universal laws, this is called surrender; letting go of control on something we can’t control. Just because it doesn’t make sense and cause a lot of stress to want to control something we can’t control, right?

When we have stress or not, it doesn’t change a thing about we can’t control something we can’t control.

Thus, we should let go of the control.

Continuing to the next column.

Have a wonderful day!

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