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My life story

Hi. This is Emig Mitsu. This is my story.

I was always overweight from a young age, I was in darkness as long as I knew, hated everything in the world, and had never had high self-esteem. There was a time when my weight hit 180lbs for my 5’ 2” height.  I was a full-time housewife, unemployed with no income for over 10 years.

For some reason, I found myself living in New York City grew up in a small town far from Tokyo in Japan, with 2 adopted teenage children who used to be my sister’s and came to us on the husband’s idea and 2 other children on my own.

At the time, I was divorced and my twins were infants. My monthly income was either zero or a few hundred, and I was not financially independent at all.

Even so, I began to change my life through hypnotherapy. I ran into the unknown therapy when to cure my fear of heights. I thought hypnosis would be effective for my phobia ^_^  And I ended up losing more than 60 lbs from my maximum weight. I am now truly able to love the world, including myself, and believe that I am a lucky person.

I continued working on myself with my hypnotherapist and, thinking that I could help change others because of my dramatic life-changing experience. And, slowly but surely my income went up while I was not sure to understand what I was capable of.

Meanwhile, as a former housewife with no income, I published books in Japan and the US, gave speeches appeared on the radio in the US more than a dozen times, and published a column in a Japanese newspaper in New York for over three years.

I also used my master's degree in social work from the University of Michigan to provide psychiatric evaluations for people with court orders and to supervise visitation with their children.

I am now able to earn on my own and  I can work from home or wherever I like, instead of meeting clients at my Manhattan office, which frees me up in terms of time, place, and mind, and my dream of being able to work from anywhere with just a laptop has come true.

I want to use this experience of changing my mindset, my body shape, and my entire life to help people who are hesitant because they believe they can't achieve their dreams come true.

I want you to know that you can be independent, aim for your dreams, and make them come true like I did, even when you had a hard time in your life.

Through hypnotherapy, I will help you transform your subconscious mind, change your entire self-image, blossom as a person, and live a free and fulfilling life. All you need is a little courage to start.

In my dream, by helping my clients change their lives, I want to raise vibrations and abundance energy in them and those can affect their children and those around them.  One day, my contribution to help the world filled with smiles and become a place where everyone is truly happy.

I can see and it is my joy that a society where everyone is happy. What do you think it looks like? That's my dream.

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