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You feel bad when think of something bad

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Simply say, you feel bad when you think of bad things and you feel good when you think of good things. Don’t they work in the way?

Then we should always think of good things and feel good. Then, we should never feel bad or depressed or from the stress, we don’t have to overeat, over drink or making some regretful misbehaviors.

Sounds great, let us decide so! From now on, we should all think of good things and feel happy and excited living everyday. There wouldn’t be any problems or problematic behaviors or thoughts in the way of living.

What would you say? You may say that you naturally feel bad, or you feel bad when something bad happens to you?

When you naturally feel bad, there is a possibility that your default mood is actually bad.

When you feel bad even though something bad happens to you, that means that you set default mood in the past and never changed the default.

Like our computer, you could set up a screen saver a while ago. By the way, do you remember your screen saver?

You may see the home screen at least once a day or a few times though sometimes we wouldn’t remember how the screen saver looks like.

In the sense, we may not remember it when something becomes very usual or we just got used to it.

Moods work in the same way. Would you notice how your default mood is?

Sometimes the default screen saver becomes invisible and we never pay attention to ti.

About the mood, we may not notice our default mood though it may be sometimes bad mood.

We have to pay attention to the default when the screen saver accidentally suddenly changed right?

We notice things when something is unusual right?

That is why we may not notice our everyday default mood in the way.

Well, our default and bad mood might have been set a while ago when something bad happened to us. Then we may neglect to change it.

In the case, it is right for us to change the defaults because the bad things happened and ended right? As the seasonal screen saver, we want to change it to the original one after the Christmas, right?

Yes, it is the best for us to move on. We have bad things and we want to change our mood to the original good one after that.

Speaking of this case, you may stay and stuck in the bad mood even the bad past event ended. You may be living everyday without overcoming the trauma and bad incidents.

Yes, you are living in the past but not living at the present.

When a storm past, we want to move on and go back to the happy ourselves, or you are still afraid of the past storm, or you are completely stuck in the fear and occupied with the storm. It is really up to us.

Overcoming past issue is a very common topic in therapy.

A lot of people may believe that they overcome past events. However when you feel bad even though something particularly bad happens to you, it means, you may be living in the past events.

In the case, therapy is very effective.

Another case is, you may be affected by some negative incident and feel bad.

Of course, in the case, again, we want to move on and want to change our moods to the positive one. It is possible too.

When we can’t do it, some on-going event can remind us of the past negative event, and our negative feelings were purging because of the incident.

For example, you can’t stand your boss. It may not just your boss but you might have had some reminding you negatively about your boss. Sometimes, the past person is an abuser of yours.

In the case, therapy would be very effective too.

We live in the chaos of the energies, thus, it is so important for us to keep our good energy everyday.

In other way to say, we should keep our good energy and peace of mind and it is the best way for us to live everyday.

Yes, of course, there is no chance that we live in the stress free world so we’d better learn and master how to manage stresses.

There are absolutely ways. I am going to talk about it in the next chat.

Have a wonderful day!

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