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Best approach in trouble

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I hope that you are doing well in this cold weather. It might not be the best season for us to feel positive in this winer season though.

I noticed in my life in New York that we have rarely had piles of snow on the street for a few years and we lost chances to play with snow sleds because of it.

We surely had piled up snow when I came to New York and wonder if this situation is one of those global warming… and try to live positively in this situation anyway.

Today, I want to talk about best approach for overcoming trouble.

Often times, you see true yourself and strength when you are in trouble, right? You may see true themselves of your partners and friends in the situations and their struggle may make you think who they really are.

It’s not hard at all anyway to be positive when things are going well. A positive and wonderful features of ourselves can be shown off when trouble, wouldn’t they?

What would you do first when something bad happens to you? Usually we panic or get depressed. It is really a natural reaction of humans in the sense.

However it has to be reminding what really a goal here is. Of course, overcoming the problem and move forward right?

Then think about it seriously that it is the best idea for us to panic or depressed.

The answer is obviously no. There is no absolutely merits in depression or panic state.

In panic state, it is called hyper-arousal, one of those PTSD’s symptoms though, it shuts off our frontal lobe, which is the part of our thinking.

That is why we do something silly when we panic and it makes us very hard to make a good decision nor we cannot think anything in this state.

If you can make a great decision when you are so scared, it would be wonderful though humans are not made in the way in the brain function wise.

What we should do in our panic, we should really release the tension and calm ourselves down. Just because panic would never help us.

In a physiological way, we need to calm down to regain our frontal lobe function. To do so, of course, we need to take a breath, and start listening to our own breath.

This will have to calm you down.

It is a physiological reaction so this should work on anyone and some of us may shift from “Conscious” to “Subconscious” in our emotional state wise.

Subconscious is a natural state what visits us only when we are relaxed. Thus, we should get relaxed to invite our own subconscious state.

Why we want to use our subconscious? Of course, in subconscious state, we will use much larger amount of brain and our brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times than conscious level.

It is the best for us to tackle any problem when we are at the best of our own ability, right?

Furthermore, this subconscious state is the same as hypnosis. Hypnosis is nothing skeptical like TV but it feels like deepest meditation and peaceful state.

I am going to talk about this more tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day!

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