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Conversation with god

Conversation with god

There is an exercise that I use in my hypnotherapy sessions. I tend to use more of complicated methods so this exercise is rare to be used though I wanted to introduce it because it’s very handy for your to do it on your own.

First I want you to find time and space for you to be alone and relaxed. You can lay and close your eyes then start breathing very nicely. You start listening to your breath followed by the nice breaths. You would start feeling loosen up.

Next, you can imagine a room that you feel most comfortable in. For example, a room along seaside or a room in mountain with piano in the room or something like that. I want you to find most comfortable and relaxing room ever.

After you imagine the room, you start feeling the room with temperature, air, smell and so on. Next is sound. Waves or birds chirping or something like that. You can imagine relaxing sounds on your own.

Next is furniture though it should be simple and not distracting. If you are sitting down on a leather sofa, I want you to see the color and feel the leather what it is like. You can use five senses to feel like you are actually there.

Now you can see someone who you most respect in the room. The person can be a god, imaginative person, or Mother Teresa or someone who would tell you right things or beneficial things for you.

The most important thing here is that you see someone who raises your motivation not to put you down or criticize you. The person should be like your guardian angel for your favor. Also you can talk to famous CEO or someone who you can get best advice for your business. You would really want to talk to someone who would encourage you.

Whenever I used this in my hypnosis sessions, it would have turned to be great. Most of my clients got wonderful advice from some hero or god of their own. Then they got to believe that they would be able to accomplish what they wanted and also their future would be bright. Good luck on trying this.

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