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Good feelings will bring you good life

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Would you know what kind of effect it has when you believe in good things happen to your life? It is such a powerful thing, isn’t it?

I wrote it in the previous blog of mine. Now I want to explain how effective this mind-set is.

First of all, you believe in good things would happen to you whatever you have such as a death, break-up, lay-off, betrayal and so on.

It is a true gift for you named a hope if you could still believe in that you would have good things happening in your life.

Hope is not a list for what you want. The feeling is like only good things will happen to you and have thoughts that your life was fulfilled at the end of it. Isn’t hope wonderful, is it?

When you have the kind of mind-set, you will have high chance to feel positive when your life ends. It is great for any of us to think that good things will happen in the future and the life will end well.

This is the most powerful element that you can get in your life. If you didn’t have the mind-set, you will think that nothing good will happen to you and your life will end bad.

You may have to live your life with anxiety and fear when you believe the above.

When your life ends bad, you must have a lot of regrets in you but it is too late for you to fix anything then.

When you believe that nothing good will happen to your life, you may live believing in something bad will happen to you.

In the mind-set, bad things happens to you and good things don’t happen to you, and you will never think that your life was good and you may die with regrets.

In this mind-set, everyday, you may think that things go to bad directions or not so good directions. This would be a hard life. Don’t you think so?

It is a hard task for you to go on everyday without a mind-set of things don’t good. If you endure the kind of thoughts, you may have a depression.

Who can live while thinking nothing good happens to them?

That is why it is so important for any of us to believe that good things happen to us.

It doesn’t matter how successful you are or even not, now. The questions is what you believe at this moment that good things will happen to you in the future.

I congratulate people who already with the thoughts of good things coming! You will have the life in the way that you ever wanted and end your life very happily.

Some of you without the belief may not be able to think that good things will happen to you or rare that good things will happen to you. What kind of life would you have if you are the case.

You may think that it would be temporary whatever something wonderful happen to you and also good things wouldn’t last in your thoughts. It might be difficult for you to think that your life was filled at the end of it….Unfortunate…

Not only that, but also you may not want to try something new or hesitate to change something or improve your life. Just because you wouldn’t expect that good things will happen to you then why would you bother to try anything.

There are two ways of thinking that good things will happen or not. They tend to be decided based on your environments that you grew up. And then the image of yourself and your life tend to be very firm thus hard to change in traditional psychotherapy or would bring you dramatic changes in your thoughts.

I was trained to perform as a psychotherapist and now performing as a hypnotherapist. Only reason why is here that I believe that hypnotherapy can bring true results on changing your life and stubborn belief of negative effects in your life in a best and safe way. I say this because I am one of the people who changed the life with hypnotherapy! I am looking forward to you make up your mind for better!

Have a wonderful day!

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