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When you are talented and capable

#universal laws #laws of attraction #self esteem

In the universal law/Laws of attraction, we have to believe in ourselves and tell ourselves that we can do it to attract your desirable future.

We all do it, tell ourselves and believe in ourselves to attract the future everyday.

Time goes by and nothing happens. Your stress would be inexpressible at the end.

You may feel like betrayed and decide not to believe in the universe any more, and of course, you decide that there is no god or universe in this world.

This seems like patterns.

However, remember, in the laws of attraction, we shouldn’t have any expectation. Probably we shouldn’t wish though we’d rather believe that things are already happening, precisely explain.

When we get disappointed at the end, we should realize that we had an expectation anyway.

Then please think of a reason why the wish didn’t manifest. Of course, the answer is, it was the universe’s decision not to manifest your own wish.

The universe might have decided that you may learn better if the wish didn’t come true so it is better for you.

Things happen for reasons. And of course, all are god’s or the universe’s decision, right?

Whatever you believe, the universe or the god, it is your master. In my case, it is the universe though. The being is the master and controls everything in this world.

And of course, we are the children of the god or the universe.