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Depression– Latest client was a young woman who was clinically depressed. She presented some suicide ideations in the session. When she was ready for Age Regression in the 2nd session, I performed it on her. She presented loads of anger too in the session so I performed “Negative Emotion Release Therapy” to her. If you hold negative feelings and emotions for a long time like her, that would weigh you down like her. This woman had a bitterly hard childhood with psychological abuse so issues were everywhere. I treated all the issues that she presented in the session and time was up. A few days later, she told me that she was feeling much better and doing homework that I gave her to remind of her best achievement in her life with attached feelings. I instructed her to do it with a cue so she can remind herself every hour the moment of her greatest achievement so this will help her stay in positive too without my presence. After that, I made suggestions to her regarding success, emotion control, and light self-hypnosis in added sessions. Those are very important for you to stay in a right course after long standing habits of wrongdoing. I recommend this kind of follow ups because then we have more chance the right attitude and mind set would go in life time. At least her depression was gone in a few sessions and this is why I love hypnosis effectiveness.

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