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Energy and luck


It might be surprising that my ex-husband was much younger than me that people tell me. I have some stories around my last marriage in the sense.

First of all, none of people who got to know that I was marrying him as a 21 year old man was positive about my decision and my up coming marriage.

In Japan or the US, it didn’t matter. If I talked about my plans of marriage with the young man, people told me how crazy I was.

I know that his parents were not happy either. Not only I was already divorced once, but also I was 13 years older than him, and the marriage came when he just graduated from a college.

He skipped the first grade of the elementary school so he finished his educations early.

I thought that I was not going to marry again in my life when I was divorced in my 30s first time. As you may not know, I was pretty much expired as a great catch since I hit my 30 in Japan in the era.

Probably in a few months, this marriage proposal came to me. My family was happy for me of course because no one loves to have a crying heart broken single woman in the household.

I have to say that most of my friends laughed at me coldly.

However the relationship lasted for 20 years. I was separated in 2013 so in the marriage including the period before that, I was with him for over 15 years.

Three times longer than the first marriage and this marriage was a roller coaster for sure. My ex-husband just graduated from MIT and ended up with being very successful in the Wall Street !

There was a famous movie that a woman who got luck and her partners always get successful in the 90s in Japan called “Ageman” and my ex was calling me in the way and yes, he was getting very successful in rapid way.

It is still happening in my dating experiences. They tend to be very successful when we start seeing each other.

However when we emotionally or physically take apart, their success seems like halted. Well, my ex had his first time ever laid off in the next month of the divorce legalized.

I was actually feeling it. As you know, the divorce would be legalized months later in New York since the day we signed on the settlement.

I was hoping that he wouldn’t lose his job or anything around the settlement day but as it was, he was always in the winning and survived team so I tried not to worry about it.

In 20 years since the first job he got, I was with him so I knew that he never loses his job or disrespected at work at all.

I was speechless when he lost his job… though I felt like my worry came true too.

Some man I dated, he was about to sign on $7,000,000 deal with a huge company while I was seeing him. I was happy for him though I felt we wouldn’t work out so stopped seeing him.

A while later, I wanted to know what happened to the deal so I contacted him to ask and he didn’t want to tell me. I think that the deal didn’t come through.

Another man got a huge movie job at 3 months in since we started seeing each other. I was truly impressed because how major they were who he was included with but after that, the movie somehow didn’t come out.

In the late divorce, everyone was going against the divorce including my own therapist in Singapore but somehow, I didn’t have any mind to stay in the marriage back in then.

So many things happened to me since then and sometimes they were pretty hard though I still stand for my decision in this day.

I understand that people around me went against my second marriage because my ex-husband was young and went against my divorce this time with the same man somehow.

I have to say that people don’t understand the truth of mine or my relationships in any circumstances. And it makes sense because they are not people who are in my relationships or marriage but I am the only one person who is in them so I should know them the best rather than others.

People may speak out from their anxious minds and project themselves into my situations when they have some answers for me.

About my relationships, people around me told me to stay in some relationships in the particular circumstances such as monetary success but I would have to go against the opinions too when I feel right about my decision.

I must say that luck exists and good ones come around when we are in good energy. And also energy is contagious such as you get anxious when you are with anxious person.

Especially in relationships, energy exchange happens significantly so we have to choose people to be with or to work with for our high vibrational maintenance purpose too.

Like I sometimes say, strange things happened to me as a child. The tendency became significant after I ran into hypnosis in Singapore.

In Singapore, we went every where by taxi. It was inexpensive and handy. We called on a cab by texting then. Every time my ex-husband I called on it, mine came first.

When I called later than him, mine still came first. In the occasions of relatively often squall in Singapore, we normally never find taxi.

However when I tried, we could get taxi. We didn’t know why but he counted on me in the occasions because it was just handy and he was vocal about the phenomenas that I could find a taxi.

I wrote episodes of my luck in my book, “Rules for Success—How to live happily” (One Peace Books) so please have a copy if you are interested.

Amazon has kindle too and the link is here. If you come to the session, I will be happy to sign on the copy!

I will keep speaking about negative energy and lucks in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!!

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