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Frequently asked questions regarding hypnotherapy

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I want to write about typical questions that I receive daily basis regarding how effective and what effective hypnotherapy is for.

Hypnosis works effectively for variety of issues and I have experiences working with many of them.

Hypnosis works for pain managements for terminally ills, panic attacks, performance enhancements, OCD, sleeping problems and etc.

And all of the issues, even physical pain are in some way emotional. That is why hypnosis can manage pain.

I have some particular types of therapies in my sleeves because of the particular needs.

While some of my clients have specific problems; such as sleeping problems, OCD and etc as above, a lot of my clients want to work on life changing elements, such as confidence, self esteem and of course, eliminating negative thoughts

In the background of science, hypnosis is subconscious state, which is powerful; we can use up to 95% of our brain in subconscious instead of 5% that we always do in our conscious.

In subconscious, our brain operating speed would be 1,000,000 times faster than conscious too.

Conscious is actually awaken state that we normally in.

Subconscious naturally comes to us a few times a day when we are so relaxed such as highway driving or just waking up in the morning.