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This website was down for a while and I apologize for the inconvenience. It might have got a cyber attack and the system got broken but now it is working again.

This newly built website is now visible and I am so happy to make an announcement here in this website update!

As I mentioned before, I am giving hypnotherapy sessions in person at my office in New York City and also on Skype to the people in this entire world.

Sessions are available in English and Japanese. Please join us!

I noticed that a lot of people try to discipline themselves. Of course, a lot of psychological problems and stress are relating to control so controlling or discipline self and others should be done very hard.

First of all, a lot of broken hearted people in a relationship tell me that they would never contact him/her again. A lot of them blocked the counterpart in any social medias too.

I have experiences of blocking some people in the past and it was about the person was publicly inappropriate.

However broken hearted people block the counterparts because they want to shut their feelings off towards them.

Just because it is too hard to feel the broken heart or rejections that they got. They surely think that they will never want to feel the same way ever again in their life.

How about diet? It is about discipline and control. I eat this but I only eat this or even I never eat.

I am an energy reader so I read energy of my clients who come to sessions. I have experiences of reading fasting people’s energy and it was very interesting.

Some kind of excitement, fatigue and also satisfaction and even energetic feelings. All those energy is at maximum level balancing each other in a very delicate way.

I heard that anorexic people feel a lot of energy, excitement and act so happily and I totally understood what it might be like in this experience.

I see very determined people in my life who tolerate hard diet plans. I don’t have any quality of the virtue so I got impressed with them.

As I speak, endurance and discipline are virtue right?

In my home country Japan, it is very true. Those countries based on Buddhism background admire discipline and endurance.

In Buddhism, monks go through rigorous trainings in the enlightenment process. In those Buddhism countries, we could say that we are not good enough if we didn’t go through hardships and learnings.

Instead, there is a word, “The pile comes out is beaten.” Yes, you are going to be a target when you standout.

Hard-work and harmonization are characteristics of farmers so going easy or standout would give you an opportunity to be a target in the society.

In Shogun era in Japan, farmers watched each other and took responsibility each other when some of the members were unable to pay tax.

In the culture, there was a mentality showing off or easy going should be kept in themselves. When you have an easier time, you should keep the fact in yourself try to hide it from the other team members.

If you watched Seven Samurais of Akira Kurosawa, there was the kind of culture described in the movie that no one tells others that he/she is having good time.

Not only in Japan, but also in Mediterranean regions, I know that there is a charm called Evil Eye to protect you from people’s jealousy.

I can say that it is universal mentality that you are lucky, blessed or beautiful, jealousy from others would get you.

Doing the same as others or doing the same everyday feel us easier too. It feels safe too. If you have a strong routine, you wouldn’t think of something else or even no opportunity to make a decision in the routine.

A lot of simple animals live in routines. They probably repeat the same things as eat, digest and reproduce everyday.

Humans are different. We question repeating the same routines everyday. We are intelligent animals looking forward to changes.

However we still have some comfort in our routines. We may feel the easiest repeating the same everyday.

Thus discipline and rules could be very convenient. It is natural for us to feel the way.

When you have a strong routine, you wouldn’t think as much as in the environment without routines. That is why we may chose routine.

“I will never fall in love again!!” You feel the way because you were deeply hurt. To protect yourself, you can’t risk to fall in love again.

Defense mechanism remembers bad experience and pain a lot better than the positive ones because of the reason, not to get hurt again.

However when we decide not to fall in love again, it is not about “subconscious”. This defense mechanism should be opposite of creativity too.

Not only that, but also the motivation not to fall in love again should be negative too.

The defense mechanism should be no relation with subconscious too. Subconscious is about “higher self” so higher self wouldn’t decide anything based on negative motivation at all.

When I feel wrong with something or feel like don’t like it, I wouldn’t decide to shut off someone right away.

I don’t decide anything then and postpone the decision. I would stop thinking about the topic. I decide to decide when I want to decide.

I wouldn’t say anything with strong emotions at all. I don’t say that I will never do it, of course.

When I don’t decide then, the timing would come to decide for myself. I want to contact them, lose contact with them, etc.

Then I noticed that waiting a moment to make a decision is all about using “subconscious”. It is like a decision got ready to come to me.

A moment of a great idea coming to us, that is absolutely usage of subconscious, right?

Furthermore, when we are emotional or unstable, we can’t use our subconscious power as well as we could. Of course, subconscious should come to you when you are calm and relaxed.

Acceptance of others or forgiving others. Those should be opposite of our bare minimum defense mechanism to avoid pain.

Positive feelings and energy of forgiving, accepting, or caring, those are work of our subconscious and our higher self.

I started out this method being indecisive and postponement of decision just because I felt right about it. Or it just happened to me, I say. However I found that I was relying on my “higher self” and “subconscious” at the end.

In my own experience, there were times that I was glad that I didn’t decide to shut people off from me. I was glad that I didn’t say anything irrational in my emotionally agitated state.

My way of doing is to sleep in when I feel down. In the next morning, I felt much better and I was already glad that I didn’t make a decision based on my negative mood.

However I had experience that my emotional talk brought both of us honesty and true heart to heart conversation so I don’t hold up my emotions strongly either.

Anyway I want to live like floating in a stream without swimming against the currents, controlling or anything like that.

Probably I was born without discipline. For example, I love dancing though I can’t dance following exact steps like social dance. I belly dance because it is probably one of most improvised dance in all dances.

Social dance didn’t last in me. I do sewing in my way without using patterns too.

I recommend loose, easy and fuzzy. Then your life should be much easier to live in.

Have a wonderful day!!

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