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Sedative and stimulant

Mostly substance is separated by sedative and stimulants. Sedative of course calm you down, by the way, people don’t know it though alcohol is sedative.

Alcohol is calming you down so at the end of the day with stressful, people drink to be loosen up, right?

In the process of loosening you up, you may feel more opened and happy so people may think that alcohol is an upper but it is not.

Alcohol is tension reliever with a little usage though it is still sedative means depressant so you have high chance to get depressed when you keep drinking.

That is why, in the middle of night, you may start talking about something so sad or serious when you keep drinking throughout the night. It is an effect of depressant, I say.

If you drink too much at night, definitely you would need stimulants so called “upper” so you have to drink a lot of coffee in the next morning.

Yes, caffeine is one of those stimulants so as green tea. When you are too down by alcohol, you must need to be picked up by coffee in the next morning.

We must understand how our body and mind working to balance ourselves. They work hard to balance ourselves everyday.

You can know your true mood based on your substance preferences too in the sense either you tend to drink alcohol or coffee.

As I mentioned, alcohol is sedative and coffee is stimulant. If you use alcohol more than coffee, you may be feeling overly excited or too tensed.

In other words, if you want to get high rather than feeling calm, you may be a little depressive and vise versa.

If you want to be healthy not to use any substance to balance your mood, you may need some awareness of your own tendency too.

When I have to use a glass of wine or beer at night for a couple of nights, I would think of the reasons why I had extra tension in these days.

And definitely aware of the fact and tendency so I can make efforts not to use wine to calm down.

I use self-hypnosis so it is not so difficult for me to come down of the habitual behavior now. However I had hard time to get off from the unwanted habits of over-eating before I ran into hypnosis.

In the level of a glass of wine for a few nights, it is hardly called addiction though I try to be aware of my tendency to avoid further usage in the future.

I am going to talk more of it tomorrow!

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