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Soulmates are many


I was talking about my relationship that unexpectedly I became single in New York City and very easily found someone to see at my first attempt.

That is why I believe that things happen for reasons, divine timing or meant to happen in our lives. This kind of events just make me think of the universal laws the best.

I have many clients who believe they met their soulmates or soul connected counterparts and they all have difficult path to keep the relationships.

Difficult path, oh, yes. That is the whole point out of it, right? We are supposed to have difficult time when we have soul connection with someone to be with.

Because it should be learning experience and also karma to overcome, that’s why. If we can overcome our karma in other words, our own ego as humans, I say.

The point here is to pursue our soul connection and in the process, we have opportunities to understand true love.

I talked about it this week too that it is wonderful for us to feel wonderful when we love someone and want to be with the person.

However when we feel upset when we can’t be with the person or wants to control the partner’s doings or personality, it is called dependency.

Not dependency, not like “Sex and the City”, we are talking about true love and soul connection here.

In fact, when you have very strong soul connection, it is going to be an option if we want to be with the person in physical way or not.

Why not? We are already strongly connected in souls so physical togetherness shouldn’t be considered the only way in this connection and relationship.

However we believe in the connection even when we are not physically together, strongly believe in the soul togetherness, and overcome our own ego are actually karmic experience and we are supposed to overcome.