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Subconscious and book publishing


It is a new week and I am writing this column in the afternoon of Monday August 3 in New York Time. How are you?

I have been told and wondered if I got enough material to write because I am writing everyday. However I just write and as soon as I start writing words come to me.

I wrote my book in the same way when it was published. One day, I just started writing from the first line and realized writing on around 100 pages in a few weeks.

I was surprised that I had a lot to speak out in the sense because I had no memo or any type of plan at all about the writing at least in my conscious level.

Not only that, but also in a few months ever since I started writing my very first book, a publisher was found for my book.

That is why I say, publishing books is not that difficult and it is true for me.

If I say so, I may be taken disrespectful to people who are making efforts working on their books for years but it’s not the case.

I have great respect to people who make any kind of efforts on anything in this world. I am talking about some way of thinking here.

Yes, we believe that publishing books is difficult in this world for sure. Publishing books is believed hard to achieve.

In the thoughts and belief, it would be difficult, and hard to achieve when we try to publish books.

I was one of the believers for sure. However when I started writing my book, I wasn’t thinking of hardship of publishing the book at all.

I didn’t have any mind at all that I started to make efforts on some kind of big achievements or anything like that.

I just started writing because I wanted to speak out what I believed and my thoughts would be beneficial for people to know them.

As I had any type of meetings personal or professional, I had things to say. I always couldn’t help my passion goes off and tried to tell my belief to people because I thought some how I could do something good to them.

I had some articles published by local Japanese newspapers on their papers in New York and ended up with writing column in regular basis for one of those newspapers.

As I was given any opportunities to be interviewed, a lot of people including professionals suggested me to speak out my ideas and told me especially it can help younger people to live better and easier.

And some of them suggested me to write a book too.

Then one day, I simply started writing.

In the process, I didn’t think if my book would be published or not and I just wanted to write my ways of how to live happily because the method was clearly working on me.

For a few months ever since I started writing my first book, the publisher was found. And I happened to prove that publishing books is not difficult.

In precisely saying, I didn’t have any thoughts in the process that publishing is hard.

Lately I renewed my contract with my Japanese publisher, Bungeisha and they will make more efforts on distribution from the next year. Thanks to them!

If you want to take a look at my Japanese book, click here for Amazon Japan.

Like I normally say, if you don’t have belief of something is hard, it wouldn’t be hard.

In the result of my belief that publishing books is n’t hard, I came to publish a book in the US in English too.

Since my Japanese book was published, some people asked me in New York if they could read my book in English so I was writing in English too.

Then one day, I received a e-mail to ask me if I wanted to publish a book in English in the US.

Right away, we got into editing and publish it in the US in English.

In the process of publishing books in Japan and also in the US. I have to mention how wonderful editing makes books.

If you want to take a look at my English book, click here for Amazon US

You may think that the kind of random writing will make sense at the end or not.

However my books actually really look good. It was all my words, my writing, and my concepts though I couldn’t believe how wonderful they turned up sense making and moving too.

I started believing that it would be able to change the world in the sense.

I made radio appearances in live radio shows in New York for a dozen times and of course there was no scripts or preparation at all though radio personality seemed actually impressed with the fresh ideas of mine.

Because those are all my own ideas and they are always in me even though there is no preparation or scripts or memos.

Of course there is no preparation or script for therapy sessions although wide variety of emotional issues that people have and show up in front of me.

The ideas are in me all the time and waiting for the moment to come out.

And of course, a lot of them are in my subconscious level too.

Something like that happened to me when I was writing columns for newspaper. At the beginning, I didn’t even know what to write so I picked a topic, think about what to write and started writing.

For newspaper column, there is always word count limits so I wrote, brush it up. There was tendency that I wrote too long and had to trim them all the time.

I wrote columns probably for 3 years and at the end, I wrote without memo and didn’t need rewrite or trimming at all.

I wrote it, checked it once and send it to the newspaper editing. It took only a half hour then.

I heard that writers have hard time to write or take long time to write or review but I didn’t have any of the problems at all.

Furthermore, I realized that I naturally started writing a draft when closer to the deadline and got it done in time. Not only making deadline all the time but also I submitted my draft way before the deadline.

I was receiving compliments for my deadline performance by the editors and also they said that I quickly reply to their final draft too.

I had less and less editing on my drafts at the time so I read and loved it and said so to them. That was it, very simple.

However things changed at the end and I will talk about it in tomorrow’s column.

Have a wonderful day!!

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