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Subconscious and book publishing


It is a new week and I am writing this column in the afternoon of Monday August 3 in New York Time. How are you?

I have been told and wondered if I got enough material to write because I am writing everyday. However I just write and as soon as I start writing words come to me.

I wrote my book in the same way when it was published. One day, I just started writing from the first line and realized writing on around 100 pages in a few weeks.

I was surprised that I had a lot to speak out in the sense because I had no memo or any type of plan at all about the writing at least in my conscious level.

Not only that, but also in a few months ever since I started writing my very first book, a publisher was found for my book.

That is why I say, publishing books is not that difficult and it is true for me.

If I say so, I may be taken disrespectful to people who are making efforts working on their books for years but it’s not the case.

I have great respect to people who make any kind of efforts on anything in this world. I am talking about some way of thinking here.

Yes, we believe that publishing books is difficult in this world for sure. Publishing books is believed hard to achieve.

In the thoughts and belief, it would be difficult, and hard to achieve when we try to publish books.

I was one of the believers for sure. However when I started writing my book, I wasn’t thinking of hardsh